Restaurant chain "Tanuki" introduced a new seasonal menu

The taste of the season in "Tanuki" is a truffle. The Truffle roll with yellowtail, salmon, cheese and avocado tops the menu. Truffle dressing is served with wasabi shrimp and guacamole, as well as a snow crab appetizer with avocado, orange and tobiko.

For hot, you can order steamed pikeperch with Tom-Yam sauce, seafood noodles or Thai chicken with rice. For devotees of a healthy diet, there were steam cutlets of salmon and pike perch with broccoli sauce and a soup with vegetable wonton, spinach and ginger.

The dessert menu was replenished with light and tender meringues with agio, bananas and Agio yuzu cream, a tart with pecan nuts and caramel sauce, as well as cake Love with sea buckthorn and coconut mousse, berries and raspberry sauce.

Tatyana Rakhmanova

CEO of the Tanuki master franchisee company in Russia

- The new menu is light and healthy food in current gastronomic trends. We are ready to surprise and please our guests, offering food as a pleasure and as an experience. Fresh, high-quality ingredients and a bright mix of flavors are emphasized by exquisite serving. Each dish is the result of skill, labor, inspiration and our desire to please the guests.

A new menu is presented in all Tanuki restaurants, and is also available for ordering with




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