Reebok released a joint collection with the artist Pokras Lampas

Reebok continues to set trends in the global fitness community and to attract representatives of modern art to their collaboration, who, according to the brand, “are ahead of their time in their work and create a unique style”. The result of another collaboration was a new collection of clothing for CrossFit classes, created in collaboration with the famous calligrapher Pokras Lam8as.

The main idea of ​​the collaboration was the combination of technology and art. Especially for Reebok Pokras Lam16as has developed a bright graphic print in which the word CrossFit is encrypted. Thus, the artist tried to convey that crossfit is "not just a direction of fitness, but also a certain character and lifestyle.


The heroes of the collection’s lookbook were Pokras Lampas himself and the model and popular blogger Albert Ushakov. According to a press release, they "as if being in several dimensions at once, go beyond the boundaries of everyday life, finding themselves in a neon-mirror space that changes with each of their movements."

Reebok x Pokras Lampas collaborations are already available in all Reebok branded stores and on the official website reebok. com .



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