Red Bull launched a video project with training on the street

The Red Bull Street Fit project inspires outdoor sports, using the environment as exercise equipment.

The project consists of thirty short videos with exercises for different muscle groups. The complexes show world beach volleyball champions Oleg Stoyanovsky and Slava Krasilnikov , host Ruslan Sabirov , windsurfer Olya Raskina , runners Dmitry and Ekaterina Mityaev , Pavel Alekhine (mountain bike) ,

Kostya Andreev

(BMX), wakeboarder Nikita Martyanov , climber Rustam Gelmanov and others. The project inspires you to train anywhere, not limited to the gym.

Red Bull and the Under Armor equipment brand offer participants to upload videos of their workouts on Instagram with the tag #REDBULLSTREETFIT, @underarmourru and indicating geolocation.

The most original workouts will go to the virtual map of the Red Bull Street Fit project site, while authors will receive gifts from Red Bull and Under Armor.

Video training is available on the Red Bull Street Fit website and on athlete’s instagram.



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