Recipe of the day: Christmas dessert from Sweden

Today, Catholics around the world celebrate Christmas, and each nation has its own traditional recipes for a festive dinner. For example, in Sweden he cannot be represented without this unusual dessert made of cream, chervil and sorrel. We will teach you how to cook!

350 calories

Recipe of the day: Christmas dessert from SwedenRecipe of the day: Christmas dessert from Sweden

Creamy dessert with chervil jelly and sorrel granite

Recipe from chef Andrei Korobyak.

Recipe of the day: Christmas dessert from Sweden


60 minutes


4 servings


Syrup (sugar, diluted 1: 1)

700 ml

Preparation process

  1. First, prepare granite from sorrel. Boil 200 ml of syrup on a stove and cool.

    Beat the sorrel with sugar syrup and ice in a blender, strain, transfer to the dishes and freeze in shock freezing.

  2. Now it's the turn of the cream base. Heat cream with sugar and mix with 6 g of gelatin previously diluted in cold water until it is completely dissolved. Pour the mixture into portioned containers and leave to freeze in the refrigerator.
  3. The third component of the dessert is jelly.

    Grind the chervil in a blender, add 500 ml of sugar syrup and 30 g of diluted gelatin. Strain, pour the mixture in a thin layer on the already frozen cream base and place in the refrigerator again.

  4. After the dessert has hardened, add a spoonful of sorrel granite on top before serving and garnish with chervil leaves and powdered sugar.


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