Recipe of the day: avian and crab tian

Initially, tian is vegetables baked in earthenware (actually, from the name of the dishes, the dish was named). But today this is remembered only in his homeland, in Provence, and around the world they call tian a puff appetizer of vegetables with simple dressing. In our version, this dish is made from crab and avocado.

284 calories

Recipe of the day: avian and crab tianRecipe of the day: avian and crab tian

The recipe from the brand chef of the Italian restaurant il FORNO Alexei Besedin.

Recipe of the day: avian and crab tian


20 minutes


1 serving


Sauce (balsamic cream)

3 ml

Tomatoes (cherry)

for decoration

Cooking process

  1. Cut the avocado and cucumbers into small cubes.

  2. Combine the chopped vegetables in a bowl and season with olive oil and lemon juice.
  3. Cut the crab meat and season it with Japanese mayonnaise and soy sauce.
  4. Put the culinary ring on the dish and lay the vegetables and crab in layers on it.
  5. Garnish the tian with arugula leaves on top, and a plate with drops of balsamic cream, pesto, capers and cherry.


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