Ravshana Kurkova became the new Reebok Ambassador

The central theme of the Reebok spring campaign was the movement - one of the main aspects of human life. According to representatives of the brand, for development and self-realization it is important to never stop, look for yourself and not be afraid to try new things. Best of all, this philosophy reflects the character of one of the most popular Russian actresses, the new Reebok ambassador Ravshana Kurkova, who has become the main face of the Life-in-Motion campaign.

The spring campaign lookbook presents several fashionable and comfortable ways to live in a big city. All of them are built around the new Reebok Fast Flexweave sneakers, designed using Flexweave's innovative eight-piece weave.

This allows you to make the sneakers lightweight, strong and flexible at the same time, and the sole, in which independent elements take into account the degree of pressure of different sections of the foot, guarantees excellent cushioning.

Reebok Fast Flexweave sneakers are available in black, red and blue for men and gray and black for women. It is already possible to purchase them in all branded stores of the brand and on the official website reebok. ru at the price of 7 690 rubles.



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