Quote of the day: Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps - about psychotherapy that saved his life

Swimmer Michael Phelps is about overcoming yourself outside the pool, psychotherapy sessions and supporting loved ones.

Michael Phelps

twenty-three-time Olympic champion and twenty-six-time world swimming champion, multiple record holder Peace

- I never wanted to sit in front of the doctor on the couch and talk about my problems. I am a professional athlete and have always been one of those who are trying to help myself. I stubbornly did not want to establish communication. But at the same time I realized that I needed professional help.

I pushed my loved ones back and shut, but in the end I allowed myself to become vulnerable. Thanks to psychotherapy, I am still alive and on this planet.

The famous swimmer


in a new interview about how he overcame the psychological crisis and was able to move on through life. A few years ago, an athlete turned to specialists for help, when everything around him seemed like hopeless darkness and did not want to live. Phelps is still attending psychotherapy sessions.

The swimmer believes that he was able to get out thanks to the support of his wife and doctors.



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