Quote of the day: MONATIK singer - about supporting close and first dance lessons (at grandma’s house, of course)

- Grandma always believed in me as an artist. She even believed when I did not believe in myself. All the carpets in her house were shabby - I learned to dance there, spin on my head, do different elements of break-dance: windmill, munchmill. If you want to or not, the carpets were killed, but they greatly contributed to my development.

My grandmother is beautiful, tremendous support and love always come from her and comes.

So you need to love your children! So you need to be enthusiastic about them! Love them for who they are.

I am very grateful to my parents, they supported me in any choice. And in this as a father I will take an example from them. When I wanted to become a lawyer, they said - try it. When I said that I was in love with breakdance and I wanted to go to study, they said - of course, come on, we will help.

When I said that I should move to Kiev, that I have the opportunity to become an artist, to do what I want, my father asked only one question. He asked: "Can you earn this for a family?" I said that I would do everything in my power. To which father replied - well, go!



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