Quiksilver Presents Shaka Surfing Film

Shaka is the story of the four-time world champion Mathieu Kraepel, who decided to challenge himself: change mountains and a snowboard to the ocean and a surfboard and go to conquer one of the strongest and most dangerous waves on the planet - Jouse (translated from English - "jaws") .

Mathieu took more than two years to prepare for this adventure. He trained in Indonesia and Oregon, studied with French freediving champion Guillaume Neri, and took advice from the legendary Hawaiian surfers Jerry Lopez and Coa Rothman, who know Jose like the back of their hand.

All this time with the hero was his childhood friend Morgan le Faucher - a professional snowboarder who became the director and producer of the film.

The Russian premiere of the film Shaka will be held on November 22 at the Moscow cinema "Digital Business Space".

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