Question: why does sweet toothache?

Why do sweets cause discomfort in the oral cavity? The Challenger decided to investigate the matter together with the dentist, author of the telegram channel


Marina Vladimirovna Kuznetsova.

Question: why does sweet toothache?

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In the human diet - food with diverse tastes. But why do teeth ache precisely from sweet, and not from sour, sharp, bitter?

The main cause of pain is damage to the enamel, for example, due to a long carious process (gradually the bacteria that produce acid destroy the enamel, and the dentin tubules are defenseless against sweet foods).

Question: why does sweet toothache?

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When the destruction reaches the neurovascular bundle inside the tooth (pulp), the tooth will severely hurt. In order not to bring the teeth to such a state, you need to do the following:

  1. Thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day , to prevent the accumulation of old plaque - at least once to have a professional brushing at the dentist per year.
  2. Use toothpaste , remineralizing enamel (to make up for the loss and make it stronger), with calcium and fluorides.
  3. Try to consume less carbohydrate-rich foods , as well as drinks with high acidity, so that they do not demineralize the enamel during the day. If you cannot refuse them, use a special foam for the oral cavity after eating.

    It neutralizes acid ph, and also eliminates unpleasant odors.



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