Question: Why can not I throw away the batteries?

All batteries are marked with a special icon - a crossed-out bucket. This means that the battery must not be thrown into a regular waste bin with other waste. The fact is that almost all batteries can contain heavy metals: cadmium, lead and mercury. If you throw the battery into a regular container, it will most likely end up in a landfill. As long as the top layer of the battery is whole, it is not dangerous.

But when the layer collapses, the metals

will fall

into the soil and reservoirs, and then into living organisms. All of these metals are toxic. Cadmium, for example,

adversely affects

the kidneys, skeletal and respiratory systems. Lead and mercury are also


The more batteries accumulate in this way, the more damage they cause.

Incinerators will not help either: if the battery is burned, all toxins

will be in the atmosphere


Batteries are better to recycle. During processing, metals are recovered from batteries and reused - in new batteries. You can find the nearest collection point for used batteries in your city

on a special map

from Greenpeace.



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