Question: where do the flies come from before my eyes?

To begin with, flies are not an optical illusion, all these floating objects are real. They are tiny pieces of the vitreous body - a jelly-like substance that fills the eyeball. You see the shadows that these clots cast on the retina.

One of the main causes of flies is age-related changes. Over time, the vitreous body changes (it becomes less transparent, more fluid) and small lumps form in it.

Most often, they are associated with the natural process detachment of the vitreous . Such flies are harmless and, as a rule, disappear themselves. In very rare cases, when large lumps interfere with vision, they can be removed surgically.

Flies can also arise due to more serious pathologies. These include inflammation in the back of the eye (posterior uveitis), vitreous hemorrhage (many causes: diabetes, hypertension, blockage of blood vessels, trauma) and rupture of the retina.

More flies can appear after eye surgery and when using some eye medications.

"Red flags", which should alert and become an incentive to sign up with a good ophthalmologist:

  • flies appear suddenly;
  • their number increases;
  • you notice flashes of light in the same to the eye, where flies;
  • vision became blurry;
  • peripheral vision worsens ( darkness on one or more sides).

All of these symptoms may be signs of retinal detachment. Without treatment, this condition can lead to complete loss of vision.

Only after a thorough examination will the doctor be able to advise on how to get rid of the flies .

In rare cases, as we wrote above, surgery may be required. Previously, surgical treatment was a substitution of the vitreous body, and this is a rather dangerous and difficult invasive operation. Nowadays, doctors increasingly prefer laser technology, namely laser vitriolysis. However, despite the available data on the successful application of the new method, it has not yet been implemented everywhere and continues to be investigated (in Russia there are clinics where such operations are performed).



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