Question: when do you need to throw out the old one and buy a new pair of running sneakers?

Sneakers are recommended to be changed after 500-1 000 kilometers from the first run. That is, if you run five times a week for 3-5 kilometers, after about a year you will have to think about changing shoes. Sneakers may look good, but the sole materials are likely to lose some of their properties, cushioning will deteriorate, and heel fixation may also weaken. All of this can result in personal injury. Here are some external signs that will help determine that it’s time to change the sneakers:

  • the sneakers are on a flat surface with a slight slope;
  • one sole is asymmetrical with respect to the other;
  • on the sole there are cracks, peeling, dips;
  • toes form protrusions on the fabric of the toe of the sneaker.



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