Question: what to do if burned out in the sun? How to cure a sunburn?

First cool the sunburn. Ice and a cold shower will not work, these are too aggressive measures. It is better to periodically apply thermal water to the skin from a spray can or make compresses from napkins dipped in drinking water. Water should be at room temperature. On the first day, carry out such a procedure five to seven times, on the second day it is already ineffective.

Question: what to do if burned out in the sun? How to cure a sunburn?

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Hydrocortisone preparations will help relieve inflammation, it is convenient to use them in the form of an emulsion or spray (you should consult a specialist before use). Use the product for two to three days. The frequency of application is once a day. And of course, damaged skin needs to be moisturized, for this I advise you to choose gel creams.

What is more important: when you go outside, cover the burn area with clothing.

If after a long exposure to the sun you have a headache, a fever, blisters on your skin or you generally feel unwell, seek medical attention immediately.

In case of sunburn, in no case do not use oils and oil-based products. They form a film on the skin and block heat transfer. As a result, the depth of the burn may increase.

It is also important not to rub the skin with a towel - this can injure it, it is better to get it wet gently.

The Challenger Editorial Note: The World Health Organization has developed simple and clear instructions, which will help protect against the dangerous effects of the sun. We recommend you to bookmark.



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