Question: what time of year is the most profitable to buy a subscription to a fitness club?

In January and summer, fitness clubs can not only lower subscription prices, but also organize various promotions: give out free classes to those who brought friends , do discounts on personal training, give certificates to the spa, pool, for massage .

There are also actions dedicated to holiday dates: for example, on February 23 or on March 8th . But discounts at this time are not the largest and can only apply to certain categories of subscriptions: only for women or only for men. This option is suitable for those who did not have time to buy a subscription at a more favorable time.

Another way to save is to take only in the morning or in the afternoon.

The cost will be significantly - by 30-40% - lower than the subscription, according to which you can visit the fitness club at any time. In addition, almost all fitness clubs have a loyalty policy for "long-term" customers: as a bonus, they usually have the opportunity to "freeze" a subscription for a month or two .



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