Question: what should I do if a mercury thermometer crashes?

Mercury is one of the most dangerous substances along with polonium and plutonium. This is the only metal that is in liquid form at room temperature. In the thermometer, mercury is enclosed in a glass flask. After the thermometer breaks, mercury in the open air begins to evaporate, poisoning everything around with harmful fumes.

First and foremost, do not panic.

A broken thermometer is serious, but not fatal. It is important to properly collect mercury and then dispose of it.

  • Ask everyone to leave the room where the thermometer crashed. Mercury sticks to surfaces and can easily be spread on soles all over the house.
  • Turn off everything that raises the temperature.

    Close the door to the room and open the windows. Make sure there is no draft.

Immediately after the incident, call the Ministry of Emergencies at 112 and report the incident. They will tell you where to find the nearest mercury disposal point or send rescuers to you who will collect the collected metal. If mercury is on fabric or other complex surfaces, you cannot collect it yourself.

Tell rescuers that you need help.

Question: what should I do if a mercury thermometer crashes?

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  • Change into things that will not be a pity to throw away. Wear rubber gloves on your hands, a fabric bandage on your face, and shoe covers on your legs.
  • Prepare a solution with chlorine bleach "White" (at the rate of one liter of "White" for five liters of water) or a solution of potassium permanganate (one gram per eight liters of water).

    If there is no "White" and potassium permanganate, ordinary water will do. The liquid does not allow mercury to evaporate.

  • Pour the solution or water into a container with a lid.
  • Take a wet brush, a syringe with a thin needle, a thick cardboard, adhesive plaster and a container with solution . Pull the medium and small balls into the syringe, roll the large ones on a cardboard and pour into a container.

    Gather the smallest ones on the adhesive surface of the patch.

  • Use the flashlight to find the remaining balls (mercury shines well). Check crevices and skirting boards. From bottlenecks, mercury can be reached with a metal needle.
  • All balls of mercury should be in a container with liquid.

    Close it tightly. Fold all accessories that come in contact with mercury in a bag and tie tightly.

If the collection of mercury is delayed, take a break every 15 minutes and go out into the fresh air.

Question: what should I do if a mercury thermometer crashes?

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  • Wipe the floor several times with a wet cloth.

  • After the mercury has been collected, wash in the shower, brush your teeth, rinse your mouth with soda solution several times and drink a few tablets of activated charcoal. Drink more fluids.
  • Take the container and packages for disposal on the same day or give them to the rescuers.
  • Close for a week the room where the thermometer crashed, leaving the window open.
  • Do not leave children or animals in room .

    It is easy to step on balls of mercury or touch them with unprotected parts of the body.

  • Do not collect mercury with a vacuum cleaner . Hot air will accelerate its evaporation, and mercury particles will settle on the inside of the vacuum cleaner, turning it into a hotbed of toxic substances.
  • Do not sweep the floor . The stiff bristles of a broom or brush will divide mercury into small, barely noticeable drops.

  • Do not use a rag to collect. She will rub mercury on the floor, increasing the area of ​​damage.
  • Do not flush into the sewer and do not throw the thermometer into the waste chute . Mercury settles on the pipes, poisoning everyone around. The same thing happens if you throw it in the garbage chute or in the trash.

  • Do not attempt to save clothing that has been exposed to mercury . Take your garbage for disposal along with the collected mercury, otherwise the hazardous metal will remain on your skin, in the drum of the washing machine, in the sewer.

Question: what should I do if a mercury thermometer crashes?

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  • metallic taste in the mouth;
  • general weakness;
  • lack of appetite;
  • headache and discomfort when swallowing;
  • nausea and vomiting.

If you suspect poisoning, immediately call an ambulance.



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