Question: what is ecoskin? And how is it better than usual?

Eco-leather is an artificial material that looks and tactilely resembles genuine leather. Artificial leather is made from two types of polymers: polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU).

A substitute for PVC leather appeared on the market several decades ago. Over the years, manufacturers have managed to improve the external qualities, but the main disadvantages of vinyl have remained the same: PVC can emit harmful substances and does not allow air to pass through. The material is dubbed and cracked in the cold at temperatures below -15 degrees.

Due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, PVC burns out, loses color and shape from water. Due to its low cost, PVC is still used by many manufacturers, but there is already an alternative that is more practical and environmentally friendly.

This is artificial leather made from polyurethane . It has increased wear resistance and feels similar to genuine leather. Any texture can be made of polyurethane, and the thing itself will let air through.

Polyurethane retains its appearance and shape at temperatures from -60 to +80 degrees, that is, in almost any natural conditions.

A bag or other accessory made of such material will not burn out in the sun and, most likely, will not cause allergies, unlike PVC products . The price for eco-leather products is about two times lower than for leather ones.

Still genuine leather is imitated using the material pinatex ( 54iñatex) , which is produced from the fibers of pineapple leaves, or musk (mushroom skin) - a material based on the fungus. But while such things are the most expensive to manufacture and therefore are rarely found on sale.

The responsible manufacturer always indicates the material from which the thing is made. But polyurethane can be distinguished from PVC by external features. PVC has a pungent smell of rubber, hard to the touch, does not stretch and can be very cheap.

Products made of polyurethane smell almost nothing, soft and plastic to the touch, can stretch and cost a little more expensive due to the complex production process.

Eco-leather items are as stylish, beautiful and functional as genuine leather products.

At the same time, the livestock industry does not participate in production, on which lies


for deforestation and


18% of the greenhouse gases from the entire Earth volume.

Famous fashion houses are already refusing from genuine leather. Stella McCartney uses exclusively vegetarian skin, Dr. Martens and Vagabond in each collection produce durable and stylish eco-leather shoes.

Russian brands are also not far behind - St.

Petersburg manufacturer

Arny Praht

makes bags, backpacks and other accessories from high quality polyurethane and fabric. Brand creator Anna Pracht considers that enough is better than excess. The company adheres to a philosophy of minimalism in the design of accessories, production and details.


, of which all Arny Praht bags are made, does not leak moisture, is not toxic, hypoallergenic and resistant to wear and frost.



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