Question: what is better for the skin - shaving or hair removal?

Hair grows on our body continuously - this is a fact from which there is no escape. Because of this, you have to delete them regularly. The most popular methods for controlling unwanted vegetation are shaving and hair removal. Procedures using wax, caramel (shugaring) and other thick pastes relate to painful hair removal. Painless - laser and ultrasound.

Razor is convenient to take with you and use as needed. You do not depend on salons and regular procedures, but you have to shave very often. In this case, itching, redness, and ingrown hair may occur. Waxing and caramel hair removal is not suitable for those who can not tolerate pain - the procedure is very unpleasant. And laser hair removal is not good if there are a lot of moles on the body.

In addition, the laser is the most expensive of all methods. What to choose?

Question: what is better for the skin - shaving or hair removal?

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- Shaving is not a dangerous thing, but unpleasant and boring: you need to shave every day to keep your skin perfectly smooth. In my opinion, the best ways to cope with unwanted hair growth are caramel hair removal (the most inexpensive and affordable option that suits everyone) and laser hair removal on a diode device (if finances allow and there are no contraindications) .

With caramel hair removal, sugar completely envelops the hair and is removed with the root.

If the procedure is carried out regularly - every 3-4 weeks, - the bulb becomes thinner, the hair grows more slowly and looks thinner.

Laser hair removal damages the hair follicle. The hair does not receive nutrients, dies and falls out 10-15 days after the procedure. The frequency of the diode laser procedure is every 25-30 days. The number of sessions is selected individually.

The course for brunettes consists of 6-10 procedures, for fair-haired people it consists of 8-14 procedures: it is more difficult for a laser to “detect” blond hair on the surface of the body than dark. To maximize the effect of laser hair removal, I recommend taking the full course and following the recommendations of the wizard.

Conclusion: if you are ready to pay attention to the procedure for hair removal every one to two days - choose a shave. It is safe and not painful. If you do not have the time or you do not have enough patience, give preference to hair removal.

When choosing a method of hair removal, consult a specialist to find out about possible contraindications.



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