Question: Is there any benefit from a contrast shower?

A contrast shower is a series of hot and cold water dousing. You can start with a small temperature difference, gradually increasing the difference. According to


, both cold and hot showers individually have a positive effect on the human body. So, a cold shower has the following effect:

  • soothes irritated skin,
  • helps to wake up,
  • reduces muscle pain,
  • helps to reduce weight.

Cold showers stimulate blood flow to vital organs.

From exposure to low temperatures, the body experiences a shock, as a result of which blood circulation accelerates and the pulse quickens - from this you will definitely wake up without the help of coffee. Another positive effect of a cold shower is the stabilization of the emotional background. The procedure also increases the body's resistance to cold, stimulates the immune system. But keep in mind that a cold shower is contraindicated if you have a cold.

As for the hot soul , according to the results of research, he has the following effect:

  • helps fight the symptoms of respiratory diseases,
  • relaxes the muscles.

A hot shower is not recommended for those who have hypertension, as dousing with hot water can provoke an increase in pressure.



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