Question: Is tea bag harmful?

For the first time tea packed in small bags at the beginning of the last century - since then they have been improved, but the essence remains the same. Pouring boiling water over a bag is quicker and easier than filling and tea leaves into a teapot, and then washing it by pulling tea leaves from the spout. If the bags contain high-quality tea leaves, there are no problems. But so is not always the case.

Question: Is tea bag harmful?

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Inexpensive tea bags from the supermarket are shredded leaves of different varieties from different plantations. Tea bags usually contain two grams of tea. One gram of raw material can be of high quality, for example Ceylon or Indian. The second gram for cheaper can consist of low-quality tea from Turkey, Argentina. The average consumer will not notice anything.

The problem is that cheap tea can be collected or processed using the wrong methods that reduce the beneficial properties of the product. Manufacturers often interrupt the real taste of tea leaves in sachets with flavors and flavors.

Sometimes leaf tea and tea bags are made from the same leaves. For packing in bags, the leaves are simply crushed. Tea bags are stronger, brewed faster and contain more tannins - tannins.

Question: Is tea bag harmful?

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When choosing tea bags, pay attention to the manufacturer and price. For comparison: 100 bags of Ahmad Tea costs as much as 20 bags of British Pukka tea. The taste and quality of these teas in a cup are significantly different.

Some tea bags contain particles of microplastic .

If you care about the environmental situation , give preference to tea in biodegradable paper bags or buy loose tea for preparation in a teapot.

Tea bags are not harmful to health. But for maximum taste and benefit, it is better to choose teas of quality brands. The origin of the raw materials is usually indicated on the packages of such tea, and it is not very cheap.



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