Question: Is it true that shaving makes your hair stiff and thick?

master of caramel hair removal:

- When shaving, the hair becomes tougher, but the razor does not affect their growth rate. Density also does not change. The number of hair follicles on our body is programmed back in the period of intrauterine development. Therefore, cannons (thin transparent hairs that cover almost the entire body. - approx.

Ed. ) or dense hair will grow in one place or another - a matter of genetics.

However, hormones can affect hair growth. If you have hair where it should not be, this is a good reason to go to a consultation with an endocrinologist and get tested for hormones. Fluffy hair can turn dense due to hormonal failure (in women, this is increased testosterone).

It also happens that dense hair turns into fluffy due to an increased level of dihydrotestosterone (mainly in men), which is confused with hereditary baldness.

Why does it seem to us that after shaving our hair becomes tougher? The fact is that sprouting short hairs create a pencil effect that tapers at the end. Shaving off the thin part, you leave wide and rough.

laser hair removal master:

- Hair growth rate depends not only on hormonal levels , but also on the volume of vitamins entering the body (by the way, special vitamins make it denser not only the hairdo on the head, but also the hair on other parts of the body). Harmful food, lack of nutrients in the diet, lack of sleep can slow down the natural growth of hair, this will lead to a general deterioration in well-being.

laser hair removal master:

- According to statistics, blondes have more hair follicles than brunettes. The thickest hair has red people, but the total number of hairs is less, so the difference in appearance does not strike the eye. Dark-skinned people have the hardest hair, and their thickness can be three times that of fair-skinned hair. The thickness of our hair is not the same over the entire length: at the root, they are thicker, thinner at the tip. When we cut off the upper part, it seems to us that the hair has become thicker.

Hair growth is also affected by climatic conditions. In the warm season, the growth rate increases, so you have to cut and shave in the summer more often than in the winter.



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