Question: Is it possible to eat raw meat?

As for the optimal temperature to which during cooking it is necessary to heat the meat, the doctors have no consensus. Americans


to bring the temperature of beef, veal and lamb to 62.8 ° C and maintain it for at least three minutes. Minced meat should be brought to 71.1 ° C, and poultry to 73.

9 ° C. The British

suggest that

cook all the food until it warms up to 70 ° C. The World Health Organization recommendations also


at 70 ° C. Focus on the color of the meat while

is not necessary

: the meat may be pink in color, but be ready to eat. You can monitor the temperature using a special kitchen thermometer.

But freezing will not save the meat from bacteria, as many believe. In the freezer, the bacteria will stop reproducing, but after thawing they will resume activity. Washing the meat also does not help - so you just smash the bacteria in the kitchen, and not get rid of them.

Eating raw meat in restaurants is theoretically not dangerous, because, according to SanPin, it must be checked and have a veterinary certificate. But in order to ensure the safety of meat, it needs to be fried, baked, boiled or somehow cooked.



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