Question: Is it harmful to build up eyelashes?

It is believed that eyelash extensions are a safe and harmless procedure that can be done without any problems. The Challenger, together with the dermatologist of the GMS clinic

Nadezhda Nabatnikova

figured out whether this is really so.

The advantages of eyelash extension seem to be obvious: the look becomes more expressive, there is no need to use mascara daily, you can do sports and swim in the pool without fear and generally look good with minimal makeup. But does this procedure have flaws and side effects?

Question: Is it harmful to build up eyelashes?

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Of course, such negative reactions do not always occur, but only if the master violated the build-up algorithm, he used poor-quality products (sometimes he without suspecting it), and if a person has an individual intolerance to the substances that are used during the procedure.

What’s the result? For some, eyelash extensions can be a completely harmless procedure. But this does not always happen. Therefore, before doing the build-up, carefully weigh all the pros and cons and be prepared for possible difficulties.



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