Question: Is green tea healthier than black?

- Tea is called tea bush leaves and a drink prepared on their basis. Black tea is obtained by complete fermentation of tea tree leaves, green - by partial fermentation. Different types of tea are obtained from the leaves of the same plant. Still there are yellow and white teas of weak fermentation.

Tea is rich in tannins (catechins and tannins), essential oils, amino acids, pigments, organic acids, vitamins B1, B2, P, PP, micro and macro elements and caffeine.

Useful substances when brewing leaves get into the drink.

Question: Is green tea healthier than black?

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Green tea


predominantly catechins, and black - tannins (oxidized catechins that make tea dark). These substances

have a

effect similar to antioxidants - they neutralize free radicals. Thanks to catechins, green tea

has an anti-viral and antibacterial effect, which makes it a useful drink in infectious diseases.

The amount of antioxidants depends on only on the type of tea. One variety of black tea will contain less antioxidants than green, the other more.

Both black and green tea contain caffeine. As a rule, there is more of it in black tea, so it is better for people sensitive to caffeine to choose green. Green tea contains more L-theanine, an amino acid that has a calming effect, balancing the effects of caffeine.

Question: Is green tea healthier than black?

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As shown by numerous studies, any tea has a beneficial effect on the human body. Tea can

reduce the

the likelihood of developing cancer of the biliary tract (especially in women). In addition, tea has a mild diuretic effect, which allows a little

to lower

blood pressure, despite the additional flow of fluid into the body. That is why there is no reason to refuse tea for people with arterial hypertension.

Drinking at least three cups of green tea per day reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer , endometrial cancer and of gastric cancer , as well as of cardiovascular diseases .

In patients with type 2 diabetes, tea without sweet additives can slightly reduce the level of fasting blood glucose.

From the point of view of dietetics, the most useful drink is water. Coffee is good for moderate use up to 3-5 cups per day. The drink reduces the risks of

cardiovascular disease and death


type 2 diabetes



in women.

It is important to drink tea and coffee without adding


, especially if you want to reduce or maintain body weight and blood glucose.

Question: Is green tea healthier than black?

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Both black and green tea are good for your health. The amount of antioxidants depends on the type of tea, not the type. Both types of tea contain caffeine, but in black it is usually more.

A balanced diet may include drinking water, black, green tea, as well as coffee.



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