Question: if I give up training, how quickly will I start to lose shape?

Breaks in training happen at all. We understand how they affect the body and how they affect the physical form.

A good physical shape consists of muscle strength, aerobic endurance, flexibility and other indicators. The speed of loss of shape primarily depends on the level of sports training of a person. In well-trained people, even after a break, endurance and strength remain higher than that of less-trained ones.

Age also matters. In a study published in the journal Medicine and Science in S34orts and Exercise, scientists divided the participants into two categories: from 20 to 30 years old and from 65 to 75 years old. It turned out that during the six-month break in training, the older participants lost strength almost twice as fast as the younger ones. But scientists did not find significant differences in the loss of power between men and women.

Small breaks in training sessions are not harm the body and even benefit.

We have already written more than once about how important it is to give ourselves time for recovery . Our muscles develop, and athletic performance improves during rest hours. A few days without training will not spoil your fitness.

Question: if I give up training, how quickly will I start to lose shape?

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Well-trained people, according to studies,


muscle strength after about three weeks without training.

Stamina can deteriorate even faster. In one study, scientists observed how runners' stamina changes when they start training less intensely: after participating in the Boston marathon, athletes reduced their workouts to a minimum, and after four weeks their stamina began to decline. Scientists noted: if the runners stopped practicing, their performance would have fallen even more.

For beginners, the first changes in the body can be noticed after two weeks of a break in training. And in four weeks they can completely lose the level of endurance that they achieved during two months of training.

There is good news: if you practiced before , your muscle strength, endurance and other indicators after the break will progress faster than those who have never


- muscle memory will help you.



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