Question: how to love vegetables?

Vegetables are the most wholesome food, and this is a fact. WHO


to include five servings of fruits and vegetables per day in the diet. But what if you can’t get yourself to eat cucumber or broccoli? We tell you how to fall in love with vegetables is simple and pleasant.

To begin with, accept the fact that vegetables are really not always tasty. At least not as tasty as cheesecake or favorite pasta.

Therefore, not to love vegetables is normal. It is enough to be able to correctly add them to the diet without compromising on taste. At the same time, you do not just eat vegetables, but saturate the body with useful fiber, organic moisture, minerals and vitamins. Do not force yourself to eat vegetables - turn this process into your own challenge or just set a goal so that you do not have to persuade yourself each time. For example, your goal is to eat five cucumbers a day.

This is just one cucumber for each meal (or two and a half for two snacks). Explain to yourself that you will get a lot of benefits from vegetables. You can also use the checklist: paint over the circles after eating your norm. So the process will go more fun.

Question: how to love vegetables?

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There are hundreds types of vegetables. Dozens of them are sold in most supermarkets. Find exactly the tastes that you like. Do not like broccoli - eat asparagus, do not tolerate asparagus - eat zucchini, green beans, zucchini. Raw and cooked vegetables vary greatly in taste - experiment.

For example, stew beans with tomatoes and your favorite spices, and from eggplant make caviar with baked carrots and peppers.

Five servings of vegetables - this, of course, well, but not everyone is ready to eat half a kilogram of vegetables every day. Start small: within seven to ten days, add a couple of cucumbers to your usual diet or make a salad of seasonal vegetables with aromatic oil. Perhaps this will be enough for you. Always listen to the body: do not stuff food into yourself if you do not want to, even if it is very useful.

Measure and common sense are always better than thoughtlessly following the rules.

Question: how to love vegetables?

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Cold and hard vegetables seem boring to anyone. But there is an idea: cook all kinds of dishes from vegetables - according to recipes and just like that. Smoothies, mashed potatoes, salads, cream soups, baked vegetables - everything counts.

Plus, hundreds of combinations with the usual side dishes, meat, fish. Try it and you will surely find your favorites.



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