Question: how to light a fire?

The next time you go camping or barbecue, you will know exactly how to light a fire using improvised means. The scientific supervisor of the rescue school Anton Fedosov made a brief and understandable instruction.

The campfire site must be safe. Make sure that there are no grass, trees or anything else that could accidentally catch fire. It is better to make a fire on bare soil or sand.

If there is no such site, remove the turf, the surface layer of soil overgrown with grass.

You can dig a hole with small shovels. It is undesirable to dig with a knife - it will become dull.

The size of the pit depends on which bonfire you want to light and why. If you just need to warm up and fry sausages, a small hole is enough.

If the fire burns for several days, the pit needs to be done more.

Tinder - it is a dry, resinous material that will quickly catch fire and light a fire. Birch bark, thin dry branches of Christmas trees that lie on the ground, or fallen acacia branches are suitable as a tinder. The paper will not work: if it is damp on the street, it will simply burn out, and the fire will not work. The tinder can be brought with you or collected in the forest.

Cut the tinder with a knife, then roll it into lumps and put it in the place where you are going to light a fire. Important: Do not set fire to the tinder until you have some firewood.

Question: how to light a fire?

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You will need two firewood -Three types, of different lengths or thicknesses. First, you need to put the thinnest firewood in the fire, for example, the same fallen branches of Christmas trees that were used as tinder, but already a little thicker.

Put the largest firewood last, when the bonfire has already burned.

Close the bonfire from the wind with yourself , backpacks, things. Then n burn the tinder with matches or a gas lighter. Be sure to store matches in a dry place. In order to make a fire, you can use a small tourist rug.

Before leaving, be sure to fill the fire water. In Russian forests under the turf there is peat. Even if it seems to you that the fire is extinguished, it can reignite due to peat.

If you used cans, burn them in a fire as soon as you remove all the contents from them. In the bonfire, the polymer layer with which the cans are covered will burn, and they can then decompose.

Once the cans are soft, take them out of the fire and flatten.

Question: how to light a fire?

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