Question: How to choose useful chips?

The physical and emotional state of a person is largely


on which snacks are regularly present in his diet. Scientists have found that eating unhealthy potato chips (as well as chocolate) can be

associated with

with increased anxiety and even depression.

At the same time, people who choose fruits as a snack are less prone to such problems, they do not get tired so quickly, their cognitive abilities are better than those who choose unwholesome snacks.

The main thing that scientists pay attention to is the high content of


in this product. The compound is toxic to the human body and, according to researchers, is a



Acrylamide is not an additive to which the manufacturer complements the taste of chips. The compound is formed by high-temperature processing of products that contain starch (for example, the same potato).

In addition, chips can contain a lot of saturated fats (especially if they are prepared using butter, palm or coconut oil), as well as trans fats. Often the product is too high in calories, which, if the rest of the diet is unbalanced, can lead to weight gain. But all these problems can be avoided if you consciously approach the choice of snacks.

Store chips can really be useless. But not all chips are harmful to health. Useful snacks can be prepared at home or found in the store, paying attention to their composition and method of production.



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