Question: how not to damage the toenails while running?

The toenails, which turned blue after a long run, can panic a person who could not even imagine that running would cause him such problems. What if this happened to you? The Challenger questioned the podologist and the runner.

Blue nails are a problem that plagues long-distance runners. The reason is the prolonged pressure of the shoe on the nail plate, due to which subungual hematomas are formed - blood clots in places where the blood vessels burst. What to do in order not to get this injury?

Question: how not to damage the toenails while running?

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And also do not forget:

  1. Tie the laces on the sneakers tight enough to stop while running was fixed.
  2. Regularly pedicure and keep your toenails short.
  3. Wear athletic socks that remove moisture and allow the foot to stay dry while running.
  4. Do not use gel polish (a matte finish prevents you from monitoring the length of the nails, and also does not allow you to notice an injury on time).

Small bruising, as a rule , do not cause discomfort, except that they look ugly.

In more serious cases, the nail plate partially or completely lags behind the skin, and this can be very painful. In such a situation, you need to contact a podologist or surgeon.

Bacteria can enter the open nail bed. To avoid causing inflammation, follow the rules of care. In particular, p wash your feet regularly with soap and water.

Do a pedicure at least once a month and do not run off broken or injured nails, otherwise it will be much more difficult to restore them. Do not apply varnish to the damaged nail - it is important to monitor the recovery process and to seek timely advice from a specialist.



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