Question: how much and how to store open wine?

What to do if you want white wine, and your interlocutor red? Or are you so tired that after the first glass you want to sleep right away? Together with SimpleWine experts, we give some tips to help you maximize the pleasure of an already open bottle of wine.

The main enemy of wine is oxygen. The oxidation process will turn fresh berry tones into non-aromatic. For example, remember an apple: if you just cut it, it is literally fragrant, but if you leave it lying, soon nothing will remain of the aroma. The same thing happens with wine.

Therefore, the main thing is to minimize contact with air. If you are not sure that you will finish the bottle, it is better to immediately seal it after the first pair of glasses has been poured, and put in the refrigerator. At cold temperatures, the oxidation rate decreases - both in red and in white wine.

A bottle of red wine can last up to a week, white should not be stored for more than two to three days.

It all depends on your perception: if, when pouring wine into a glass, you understand that the aroma has almost disappeared and the taste has changed, it is better not to drink this wine, but to pour it into the sink.

Question: how much and how to store open wine?

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There are several ways, which prolong the life of guilt in an open bottle. The easiest is to use a vacuum plug. Once you have sealed the bottle, you need to pump oxygen out of the bottle with a special pump. But miracles should not be expected: the wine will retain its brightness and freshness longer, but still no more than a week.

There is a more reliable way: a device called Coravin. Its entry into the market was a complete surprise and almost a revolution, because it allowed wine bars and restaurants to sell even the rarest wine in glasses and not think about the safety of the remainder in the bottle. The mechanism of action of the device is as follows: two thinnest needles pierce the cork, wine flows through one of the bottles, and neutral argon gas fills its place. So wine does not come into contact with oxygen at all. But there is one problem: a gas cylinder is not enough for a short time, so there is no point in opening ordinary wines.

But to taste collection wines - please: the producers guarantee the full safety of the remaining wine, although some sommeliers do not trust this technology.

Question: how much and how to store open wine?

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All of these methods can use to preserve dry still wines, not sparkling and fortified. An open bottle of champagne can be corked and refrigerated. Only perling (so called bubbles) is not to be expected: sparkling wine will turn into a quiet white wine.

Fortified wines - sherry, madeira, marsala - can be stored for months after opening. They are best kept in a dark, cool place.It is more difficult with port: vintage port, LBV and ruby ​​(vintage, LBV, ruby ​​- these names must be indicated on the label) behave according to the classical canons of red wine, while tones and coles (tawny, colheita) are able to live in open form for about a month.

If the bottle of port is closed with an ordinary cork, then it should be stored like wine after uncorking. If the cork resembles those used in strong alcohol, you can easily open and close the bottle with it, then this port is stored for a long time.



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