Question: How can a beginner choose running sneakers?

There are three types of running shoes:

  • for lengthy and recovery workouts, and beginner runners need shoes with a lot of gel, foam or any other technology to reduce the impact load, usually the heaviest in weight;
  • half marathons - lightweight sneakers for fast running and speed training;
  • marathons - very lightweight, for very fast running.

If you are a beginner, you need the first type of sneakers. Then decide where you will run: on the street on asphalt, in stadiums or in arenas, on the road. If you don’t know yet, choose road sneakers - they are universal and suitable for any occasion.

Then you need to go to a specialized running store and pass a running test.

To do this, you wear neutral sneakers and run along the treadmill for several minutes. During this time, experts shoot you on camera from all sides and analyze your running technique, including how your foot works. Then you are given an expert opinion on what type of sneakers suits you. The cost of such a service can vary from 0 to 1,500 rubles. After that, you can safely approach a consultant in a sports shoe store and say, for example, that you "need running shoes for slow running, on the highway, with neutral pronation (or with support).

" And then - a question of style and your budget.

If there is no way to pass such a diagnosis, try the next test at home (it does not replace a trip to the orthopedist). Wet your foot, pat it dry with a towel to keep your foot moist, and place it on a white sheet of paper. See what footprint your foot leaves. If the print is wide, most likely you have a tendency to flat feet, choose sneakers with additional support.

This will help avoid injuries.



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