Question: Do I need to wear a latch to perform exercises with a barbell?

Is there any benefit from the latch? Is it really necessary in the hall? How to use it? The Challenger editors asked these questions to coach Evgeny Shatlovsky.

According to surveys, most trainees put on their belts in order to protect themselves from injuries. However, studies show that the use of a fixative does not reduce the number of injuries and the likelihood of collision with back pain. Moreover, trainers believe that using the belt on an ongoing basis with light loads can harm the health of the body.

First of all, the latch supports the abdominal cavity, and only in the second - back.

There is a study that confirms that working with the lock increases the efficiency of using power indicators - that is, with a belt you can lift a little more than without it. But using the latch alone will not make you stronger.

There is no need to put the lock on In these cases:

  1. If your exercise technique leaves much to be desired. Using the latch will not make you a great athlete - for a start, learn to perform the exercises correctly.
  2. If you cannot do this exercise without a belt.

    In any case, you should prepare the body for the exercise without additional support, albeit with less weight. Train your back and abs.

  3. If you don’t squat, don’t do deadlift or lift weight above your head. A latch is not needed for exercises with dumbbells for biceps.

Question: Do I need to wear a latch to perform exercises with a barbell?

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The latch is required exclusively for work with critical weights. If you do not know how to choose the best weight for your workout, read our detailed instructions.

The latch is needed only for working with critical weights. For smaller weights, the use of a fixative is rather undesirable, as this will not allow you to work out the muscles that should be involved during the exercise. Before you start using the lock, make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly.

The latch can improve your performance in the competition, help you take a little more weight than without it, but preparatory workouts are best done without assistive devices.



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