Question: Do I need to drink coffee with water?

Water is very important for human health: it helps maintain body temperature, participates in digestion processes, moves nutrients in the body ... If the body loses more fluid than it receives, dehydration (dehydration) processes develop ) Dehydration is manifested by thirst, dry mouth, headache, general weakness, dizziness, and other unpleasant symptoms.

Previously, data appeared that the use of seven or more cups of coffee per day (500-600 mg of caffeine) can lead to dehydration.

Caffeine really accelerates the elimination of fluid from the body, but modern studies have shown , that due to the regular intake of caffeine in the body, tolerance to its diuretic effect is developed. The use of coffee in reasonable doses (three to four cups per day) does not cause dehydration and does not require the use of additional fluid.

If you choose natural coffee without sugar, drink it in an amount of not more than four cups per day, it is not necessary to drink it with water.

Water is drunk with coffee in order to cleanse or wake up the receptors and feel the pure and precise taste of coffee. If you drink a glass of water before drinking coffee, the body will be more comfortable, especially if you rarely drink coffee.

Water helps to slightly soften the effect of coffee on the stomach - it turns out that we dilute coffee with water, but this happens in the stomach, so we do not lose taste.

There is an opinion that if you drink water along with coffee drinks (even milk, for example with flat white), you can stay awake longer. For example, caffeine in arabica coffee works the first twenty minutes after a cup is drunk, and then you can catch a state of drowsiness. If you drink a glass of water with coffee, the invigorating effect will last longer.

Milk has a similar effect - it softens the effect of caffeine on the stomach and other organs responsible for the processing and removal of substances from the body.

Espresso is better not to drink anything and not to jam. Properly prepared espresso leaves a long, sweet creamy finish (as after toffee). This is one of the reasons why many espresso lovers generally drink it. If the espresso is bitter, tasteless, water will help get rid of an unpleasant aftertaste faster. In other cases, it is recommended to drink only a glass of water before drinking coffee and, possibly, between sips of espresso, for a more accurate assessment of the taste of the drink.

What is the result? There is nothing wrong with drinking coffee with a glass of water. The main thing is to make you comfortable. A reasonable amount of coffee does not provoke dehydration, so there is no need to drink water only for the purpose of additional hydration.



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