Question: do I need to do a hitch after training

With a warm-up, everything is clear. Unheated muscles are less elastic and not active enough - they are easily injured. In general, the researchers agree that the warm-up

reduces the risk of injuries

and helps to conduct training

more efficient

. With a hitch, the final point of a workout, things get harder.

It seems that hitching does not reduce muscle pain after training and does not affect on the recovery process .

The practical use of the hitch, in fact, has not been proven, and more research is needed on this subject. On the other hand, Mayo Clinic doctors believe that that a hitch helps restore heart rate and blood pressure. It is especially useful to hitch athletes for whom endurance is important, for example, marathon runners.

Conclusion: if you do not hitch, this will not negate the whole workout. But the hitch will not bring harm either.

The recommended duration of a hitch is about 10 minutes. First, you can do cardio at a slow pace, and then several exercises for stretching .



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