Question: Do cough drops help cure a throat?

- There are two groups of products that can be called candies:

  • candy candies. They contain various herbs, honey and other natural ingredients. They can be bought without a prescription in a pharmacy and many supermarkets;
  • lozenges. They contain a certain number of therapeutic components with proven effectiveness. The tablets have indications and contraindications.

Candy canes contain herbal mixtures; sucrose (sugar) is added to them as a preservative. Sometimes a question arises in people: does bacterial growth provoke sugar? There is no definite answer, but if you are worried about this, you can always buy special sugar-free pastilles.

If you have a feeling of irritation in the throat and there is no way to drink vitamin tea from berries, ginger or any other, then "cough drops" will help get rid of discomfort. Overheated central heating air and smoking also cause irritation. The increased production of saliva will help to alleviate the unpleasant state, and lollipops just contribute to this.

When treatment is required, rather than getting rid of discomfort, choose medications. They must be prescribed by a doctor. Resorption tablets are a convenient form: therapeutic components are located on the mucous membrane for as long as possible. Tablets often contain phytocomponents, but their composition is strictly regulated, and the effectiveness has been proved as a result of research. The specialist will select the drug, taking into account the clinical picture, laboratory parameters, data of objective research methods.

Sore throat is one of the first symptoms of colds . By the way, neither ice cream nor cold water leads to a sore throat. At the initial stage of the disease, local treatment is effective - it inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria and reduces inflammation. For this, it is better to use complex preparations (they will be prescribed by a doctor).



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