Question: Can I use expired cosmetics?

Any cosmetic product, like products, has its own expiration date. The manufacturer installs it after the agent

passes the test

: the test batch is heated, frozen, thawed and bacteria are introduced into it. This helps determine how long the product will remain safe and usable. Shelf life depends on the composition of the product.

Some cosmetics may retain their properties after the expiration date if stored correctly.

Some expired funds, on the contrary, may lose their effectiveness and in the worst case even cause skin irritation or infection. Therefore, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t recommend that use cosmetics after the expiration date. Over time, preservatives and active ingredients in the product begin to break down, which leads to the growth of microbes and fungi.

Sometimes it is even noticeable: the product changes color, texture, smell.

The FDA warns that you should pay particular attention to the expiration date of your eye area. Mascara, which is often used for too long, is recommended to be thrown out two to four months after opening: the mascara is exposed to microbes every time we use it. Means containing non-traditional preservatives or no preservatives at all have a still shorter shelf life.



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