Question: Can I sleep with makeup?

Many are sure: you should never sleep with makeup. Where does such categoricalness come from and is it true that indelible cosmetics harm skin? The fact is that at night our body starts the processes of purification and recovery. While we sleep, the skin of the face recovers from daytime stresses in the form of exhaust gases on the street, the bright sun, foreign makeup textures, cigarette smoke in the air and the like.

"During sleep, growth hormone stimulates the renewal of all organs, including the skin," says MD, dermatologist and surgeon Brooke A. Jackson.

- Growth hormone is released cyclically throughout the day, but the peak of its secretion is about an hour after you fall asleep. It restores skin damage caused by the sun, pollution and free radicals. "

Question: Can I sleep with makeup?

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Sleeping with cosmetics on the face does not affect hormones, but prevents them from working properly. Makeup can trap dead cells on the surface of the skin, which makes the complexion dull , and inhibit the flow of oxygen.

Therefore, after a night with makeup, the face almost always looks tired. Every day, we naturally lose more than 50 million skin cells - can you imagine what a large-scale movement?

If you do not think before bedtime, daytime pollution during the night also can go to inflammatory processes, rashes and acne.

Facial cleansing wipes are convenient in extreme conditions: when traveling or hiking. At home, when water and special products are available, it is better to cleanse the skin with classic face wash.

"Makeup remover wipes cannot completely remove makeup.

In addition, the composition of the impregnation includes preservatives that remain on the skin for the night and can also cause problems, - confirms a dermatologist, MD Janet Pristowski, - in a pinch, you need to add a couple of drops of oil to remove makeup, but do not abuse this method, use it no more often than a couple of times a year "

Question: Can I sleep with makeup?

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  • Wash yourself immediately after returning home. Combine washing with hand washing after the street.
  • If you are very tired, do not stretch your evening beauty routine. Wash yourself with the usual means or ordinary soap (suitable if there is nothing else at hand) and go to bed.

  • After washing, pat your face with a paper towel. If traces of makeup are visible on white paper, wash yourself again.
  • Do not forget to change pillowcases more often (optimally - every three to five days).

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