Question: can herpes be cured?

With a cold on the lips, or herpes - grouped bubbles with a liquid that cause unpleasant and even painful sensations - almost every person on Earth encounters . According to the World Health Organization, nearly 80% of the world's population is infected with the herpes simplex virus of the first and second types. Unpleasant vesicles on the lips are a consequence of the virus of the first type, and in the genital area - the second type. The reasons for universal infection include the susceptibility of the body to a similar viral disease and the ease of transmission of herpes from one person to another. Most often, this virus is transmitted through kisses, sexual intercourse, personal hygiene (using other people's dishes, towels, clothes), and even with ordinary touches.

In addition, the herpes simplex virus can be transmitted from mother to child during childbirth and by airborne droplets.

The herpes simplex virus is unusual and terrible in that it is impossible to get rid of it. At all. If once a person has contracted herpes cold sore, the virus will always remain in the body, and it will not be possible to destroy it. The most amazing thing is that when a virus enters the body, namely, nerve cells, it may not give any signals about its existence for a long time.

This means that the immune system fights it, and quite successfully, but as soon as it weakens, the virus will take advantage of this and immediately go outside in the form of those same bubbles. Therefore, a cold appears on the lip.



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