Push-ups with wide arms - train chest

Push-ups with wide arms are used to train the pectoralis major muscles, improve overall physical fitness, improve the relief of the upper body. This wonderful exercise is suitable for both men and women, it is universal and does not require additional sports equipment.

Distribution of load on muscles

Push-ups from the floor with a wide grip are often called push-ups for the chest. Already at least this makes it clear which muscles get the load in this exercise.

Push-ups with wide arms - train chest
Technique of the exercise.

The middle part of the chest and a little bottom work.

The work of the muscles is as follows:

  • The pectoralis major muscles (especially the outer part) perform the main work.
  • Triceps work in synergy with the pectoral, but with a wide setting of the hands they play a secondary role.
  • Deltoid muscles (anterior bundles) are involved additionally.
  • Muscle body stabilizers (abs, back, legs) help maintain the body in a straightened position and work in static.

In general, with the help of push-ups, you can affect various muscles of the body, but if your goal is pumping the chest, then you should choose push-ups with a wide setting of hands. If we put our palms narrowly, and press our elbows to the body, triceps take up the main work, while the pectorals play a secondary role.

As for women, it should be said that the development of pectoral (pectoral) muscles makes the rib cage visually larger, but does not affect the size of the bust. Training these muscles is necessary for the harmonious development of the body, the development of strength and endurance.

Push-ups with wide arms - train chest
Exercise is useful not only for men, but also for women.

Since the back of the hands is traditionally a problem area for women, it is recommended to combine push-ups with a wide setting of the palms (for the chest) and narrow (for the triceps).

Regular training of push-ups allows you to achieve the following results:

  • Development of the strength of the muscles of the chest, increase in their volume (some effect during training without weight and pronounced growth during training with weights), drawing the top relief body parts.
  • Additional strengthening of the shoulders and triceps, static core training.
  • Increased stamina and overall fitness level.
  • Increased blood circulation, which is especially important with sedentary work.

  • Like any other physical activity, push-ups help improve mood and combat stress.

As for the contraindications to the exercise, they are injuries to the shoulder joints or wrists. The rest of the push-ups are quite safe, subject to the correct technique. We will talk about what points to consider next.


Push-ups with a wide setting of the palms have a lot of variations.

You can do push-ups from the floor, from stops, benches or do an exercise from the knees (light version).Consider the classic technique and some variations.

  1. Accept the emphasis while lying on straight arms. You don’t need to put your palms too wide (this can cause injury) - we put them a little wider than the shoulders. The brushes can be slightly spread apart for convenience.

    The body is absolutely straight, there is no deflection in the lower back, the neck is a continuation of the spine, the gaze is lowered, the abdominal muscles are tense.

  2. On inspiration, keeping the body absolutely straight, bend your arms with your elbows apart. With your chest, you should almost reach the floor.
  3. On the exhale, focusing on how the pectoral muscles contract, push out and return to the starting position.

While you are a beginner, do as many push-ups for the pectoral muscles as you can.

The main thing is that each repeat is done correctly and in full amplitude. If the classic version of push-ups is still difficult for you, do an exercise from the knees or do push-ups from the bench with your hands. In particular, this option can be recommended for women.

If you have sports training, do 10-15 repetitions of 3-5 approaches.

In order to increase the load, thereby stimulating muscle growth, you can perform a weighted exercise.

To do this, ask your partner to put a pancake from the bar on your back or put on a weighting vest.

If, when doing pushups for the pectoral muscles, you lift the upper part of the body, for example, put your hands on a stand, this transfers the load from the middle to the bottom of the chest. However, in this case, the total load on the muscles is reduced, since most of your weight puts pressure on your legs. Therefore, in order to pump the bottom of the chest, it is better to prefer push-ups on the bars.

When, on the contrary, you lift your legs, that is, do oblique push-ups, the upper part of the pectoral muscles works, and the bottom practically turns off.

With an increase in the angle, the load on the shoulders also increases. If the legs are too high, the shoulders take most of the load (vertical push-ups).

Push-ups with wide arms - train chest
The upper part of the chest can be trained by putting your feet on the bench, and the bottom - raising your hands or using the bars.

In other words, when doing push-ups, which groups and which sections of the muscles work the most, depends on the width of the palm, the position of the elbows and the inclination of the body relative to the floor.

  • Hands wide, elbows to the sides - the chest works.

    Hands and feet on the floor are the middle and bottom of the chest, hands on the stand are mainly the bottom of the chest, legs on the stand are the top of the chest and shoulders.

  • Hands are narrow, elbows are pressed - triceps works. Narrow grip push-ups are discussed in a separate article.

As options for complication, you can try push-ups on the fingers, push-ups on the fists, in the horizon or on one hand.

Exercise is equally beneficial for both men and women.

Regular training will make your body strong and muscular, and also help to improve your results in various strength exercises, in particular, bench press.Start with a small number of repetitions and gradually progress the load. The results are not long in coming. Good luck!



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