Puressentiel funds are now available in Russia

All products under the Puressentiel brand are created on the basis of essential oils obtained from plants that are grown by order of the laboratory in ecologically clean areas.


produces cosmetics according to French standards. The range for body care includes gels, balms, massage oils for various purposes, created using natural essential oils. Products do not contain synthetic components.

The Puressentiel brand was founded in France in 2005 by the Pacquioni family and today is included in the list of the most expensive laboratories in the country.

Isabelle Pacquioni

founder of the brand Puressentiel

- Pure in French means pure. Essentiel - "the most important, basic." Our goal was to create pure and natural products needed for daily use. The products we develop and produce do not contain preservatives, parabens, phenoxyethanol, PEG, dyes and GMOs, as well as raw materials derived from products of animal or petrochemical origin, synthetic fragrances and propellants.

Today, Puressentiel products are presented in 90 countries.

They are based on the essential oils that we collect in different countries of the world. A responsible approach to the ecosystem is important for us, therefore we are actively participating in nature conservation programs in those countries where we extract raw materials.



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