Psychologists have found that the assessment of the appearance of celebrities forms an attitude towards people with overweight

According to a study conducted by Canadian psychologist s, celebrities (mostly women, of course) are constantly faced with fetshaming - value judgments in the address of their appearance (read: bodies) and reproaches that they supposedly plump. For example, not so long ago, a popular blogger spoke to Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence: he noted that the actress did not look “hungry enough” to star in the movie The Hunger Games. Singer Adele, model Ashley Graham, actress Lina Dunham regularly encounter fatshaming. In 2014, the reality star Kortney Kardashian was publicly criticized by her husband for not losing weight fast enough after giving birth.

In the course of the study, it turned out that such a "star" fatshaming affects the mass consciousness of people (especially women).

Psychologists selected 20 episodes that were reflected in the media from 2004 to 2015, then analyzed the data obtained as a result of online testing conducted in those years (about 93,000 women took part in it). The tests were aimed at revealing hidden prejudices against obese people and were carried out two weeks before the episode of public fatshaming and two weeks after.

The analysis of the results showed that after celebrity fatshaming there was a noticeable surge in negative, biased attitude towards people with overweight, and the more noise around this event, the more prejudice manifested. At the same time, when participants were directly asked about their attitude to people with a certain weight, there was no difference in the answers (which indicates the subconscious nature of this prejudice).

"Our study suggests that such discriminatory press messages form the attitude of women not only towards overweight people, but also to themselves and their own "Prejudice towards people of one weight or another is one of the last remaining forms of socially acceptable discrimination," says Amanda Revery, lead author of the study.



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