Psychologist Karine Avanesyan released a book about self-love

Karine Avanesyan is a practicing psychologist, family systems therapist, lecturer and expert at The Challenger. From personal experience and during private consultations, Karine was convinced: regardless of age, external data, social background and professional status, many people are characterized by self-doubt. Dissatisfaction with oneself can arise for various reasons in early childhood and grow over the years, making it difficult to achieve goals and live a happy life.

Karine’s debut book contains the best techniques from different directions and schools of psychotherapy, which will teach the reader how to manage emotions and help to gain inner confidence and happiness.

The book consists of two parts: theory and practical exercises.

Karine gives examples from practice, tells how to solve the problem of dislike and look for a way to a balanced life.

Karine Avenesyan graduated from the Far Eastern Federal University with a degree in clinical psychology, the Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology with a major in family psychology, and also underwent advanced training in art therapy, systemic family psychotherapy, adolescent psychotherapy, prenatal and perinatal psychotherapy, body-oriented psychotherapy, sand psychotherapy, transpersonal psychotherapy, depression psychotherapy, systemic constellations.

The book will be on sale in March, pre-order can be issued now.



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