Protein, species, benefits, what it consists of?

What is protein? Protein is an ordinary protein (from the English protein - protein), which we eat with basic products. Protein is always presented in the form of a powder, which is mixed in a certain amount (it may be different for different companies) in water or milk.

Why is protein popular?

Firstly, it is an excellent source of protein, in turn, protein is the building material for the muscles in our body. But what if not the muscles required by the athlete who is interested in them? Really?

Secondly, some types of proteins include amino acids that help restore the body after training.

Thirdly, this, of course, is convenience, because time often does not allow you to eat properly and observe the full regimen, because often athletes replace a meal with a protein shake.

Protein, species, benefits, what it consists of?

What kind of protein?

Athletes are gradually starting to learn about various sports supplements and think what they should get. The same happens with the choice of protein, because there are a lot of different types.

What protein to choose? Which one suits me? When to drink it? Consider the following 7 types:

Whey protein concentrate

The form of protein is in great demand and popularity, which is included in a number of sports nutrition. Of course, the undoubted advantage of such a protein will be its price, because its formula is not "pure", but contains fats in addition to protein. If you have just embarked on the path of a great athlete, then this type of protein is right for you.

You can consume whey protein concentrate before and after training, as well as between main meals.


Casein protein is a slow-acting protein. In other words, the protein you use will be absorbed for about 7 hours, which will save you from catabolism for a long time.

Most often, athletes drink casein protein at night to provide themselves with nutrients during sleep and prevent the breakdown of muscle fibers due to starvation of the body.

This type of sports supplement during the night will ensure the restoration and growth of muscle cells.

Protein hydrolyzate

Protein hydrolyzate is a quality source of protein. Its quality corresponds to the price, of course. This type of protein will provide everything you need to recover after training, contribute to the collection of muscle mass and replenishment of glycogen in the muscles.

The hydrolyzate contains peptides that have a high rate of assimilation by the body. The protein in the composition has an excellent degree of purification.

Whey protein isolate

The fastest digestible type of protein, the protein purification level is high. Hence, of course, the high price of the supplement. The product itself does not contain fats and carbohydrates. Therefore, isolate is a great option for athletes who are on a low-carb diet.

Soya protein

Soya protein is an option for vegetarians.

The name implies that the protein is extracted from soy. The composition of soy protein contains glutamine , which will help to recover after training and arginine , which by expanding blood vessels provides muscles with beneficial substances.

Also soy is famous for such qualities:

  1. Stimulation of the reproduction of thyroid hormone
  2. Support for safe cholesterol

It is not recommended to eat before bedtime .

Egg protein

Egg protein is the backbone of the old school of bodybuilders. It is in it that the highest content of various amino acids, thanks to which you get lean muscle mass.

It has a low carbohydrate content.

It is not recommended to use before bedtime.

Milk protein isolate

It contains casein and whey protein. This type of protein is also very rich in amino acids, which they drink with other sources of protein.

If you need a quality source of protein, then this option is not suitable for you.

Protein, species, benefits, what it consists of?

The best protein

Without a doubt, the most popular and high-quality protein is the protein "Whey" from Optimum nutrition.

In their sports nutrition chain there are a lot of different sports supplements, both protein (all types described above), and creatine, gainers, fat burners, ZMA, BCAA, etc. ...

Protein, species, benefits, what it consists of?

Protein for gaining mass

Whey protein isolate is excellent for gaining muscle mass. For example, Optimum Nutrition's protein is Optimum Gold Standard, which has high quality and excellent taste, all because it is the fastest digestible type of protein with a high level of protein purification.

Protein, species, benefits, what it consists of?

Protein for weight loss

Studies of Western scientists have helped to choose a protein for weight loss. One of the qualities of a protein should be its rapid absorption. Whey protein, which will be much better than soy, is ideal for this role.

It will help reduce the amount of fat.

Do not forget that per kilogram of weight a person should consume 1. 5-2 grams of protein to maintain muscle mass. So you need to calculate the amount of protein received from food, and then with protein.

Protein, species, benefits, what it consists of?



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