Proper nutrition (PP) - menu options for every day?

Proper nutrition - a diet that contributes to the normal functioning, development and renewal of body cells. This concept does not establish strict restrictions when creating a menu for every day, but only points to principles that help to eat fully, varied and for health. Therefore, not all diets can be attributed to PP .

Key principles

Most people sooner or later think about changing eating habits. There are many reasons for this: girls dream of getting rid of subcutaneous fat on their sides and hips, men - of the “beer belly”, and professional athletes use diets to “dry” the figure for the competition.

Proper nutrition (PP) - menu options for every day?

There are also those who have to turn to nutritionists for serious nutrition-related diseases. All are united by one thing - the desire to solve their physiological problems. To achieve this, we recommend that you adhere to the following principles.

A competent approach

In organizing a healthy diet, the main thing is gradualness and the right psychological attitude . You should not aim at severe restrictions and rejection of your favorite products.

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Rule number one! PP is not a diet, but a change in eating habits and lifestyle!

At first, you should not even think about calculating the calorie content of the menu. Start simple. For example, use small dishes. So you "accustom" the stomach to small amounts of food.

Divide the daily diet into 3 main meals and 2 snacks, or into 5 equal meals.

Fractional nutrition will help to cope with a strong feeling of hunger.

At the same time, gradually reduce the consumption of sweets. For example, put in tea not 3 spoons of sugar, but two; eat not a whole piece of cake at a time, but half. Thus, you will not feel deprived and soon get rid of "gluttony".

Exercise carefully.

Your task is to smoothly "include" the body in an active lifestyle, and not to exhaust yourself on the simulators. If fitness is not available, do simple exercises to quickly lose weight at home. But do not immediately rush to twist the hoop at the waist or jump rope. Jumping will create a dangerous load on the joints if there is excess weight. Start small:

  • walk more, walk in the park;
  • use stairs instead of elevators.

In the gym, do light cardio workouts:

  • exercise on a stationary bike, ellipse;
  • walk along the path.

Sample calorie count

Don't worry, you won’t have to calculate the exact calorie content of each portion. On the Internet you can find food calorie tables. Compare your daily diet with the data found and calculate the excess.

In order not to make a mistake, first determine the individual calorie needs.

To do this, we recommend using the Mifflin-San Geor technique.The calculation scheme for women is as follows:

  • multiply your own weight by 10;
  • to the obtained value, add your height times 6.25;
  • from the received numbers subtract 161 and age times 5;
  • multiply the final value by 1.2.

Example: determine the daily calorie requirement for a woman - weight 70 kg, height 170 cm, age 30 years:

(70 * 10 + 170 * 6.

25 - 30 * 5 - 161) * 1.2 = 1742 kcal

For convenience, use the calculator and substitute your data:

The coefficient "1.2" indicates physical activity. In the given example, it is minimal (sedentary work). If you play sports, the coefficient will be different:

  • low activity - 1.

    375 (light exercises, training 1-3 times a week);

  • average - 1.55 (intensive training, 3-5 times a week);
  • high - 1.725 (intensive daily training);
  • extreme activity - 1.9 (power sports, hard physical work, daily training).

For men, the formula is different:

  • multiply the weight by 10;
  • add the height multiplied by 6.


  • subtract the age multiplied by 5 from the obtained number;
  • add 5;
  • multiply the final value by 1.2 (or another suitable coefficient).

Example: a man, 32 years old, weight 80 kg, height 193 cm, 5 intensive training sessions per week:

(80 * 10 + 193 * 6.25 - 32 * 5 + 5) * 1.55 = 2869 kcal


So, you have calculated the individual calorie needs.

What's next? For quick weight loss, reduce the result by 20%. The final figure will be your guide in building a diet.

Proper nutrition (PP) - menu options for every day? Download. ..

The correct combination of BJU

An important principle of a healthy diet is balance. That is, the menu should contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates. You cannot exclude any of these nutrients from your diet. But, in order to achieve different goals, one should correlate the BJU in different ways:

  • Weight loss. To get rid of extra pounds, you need to limit the intake of carbohydrates.

    They are primarily deposited in the form of subcutaneous fat with a lack of physical activity. Recommended ratio for fat burning: proteins - 30%, fats - 25%, carbohydrates - 45%.

  • A set of muscle mass. It is known that athletes need more calories to restore and grow muscle. So their diet should mainly consist of carbohydrates.

    The recommended ratio in this case will be as follows: proteins - 20%, fats - 30%, carbohydrates - 50%.

Nutritionist, sports nutritionist

Muscles grow on carbohydrates. You need to regularly replenish glycogen reserves with carbohydrates. If we increase our protein intake, the body will turn excess into glucose anyway to supplement energy.

Professional bodybuilders use the extreme ratio of BJU - 60/20/20, respectively, to prepare for performances.

But such a scheme is contraindicated for ordinary people and beginner athletes.

Eating plant foods

Fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs should be in the diet for any type of diet (in the absence of medical contraindications) in order to saturate the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Fiber, which is part of these products, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, herbal products stimulate intestinal motility and improve digestion, which contributes to the regular removal of harmful substances from the body, helps in losing weight and strengthens the overall health of a person.

Eat at least 400 g of fresh vegetables and fruits per day.

Preparation rules

Not only the quality of the products is important, but also the way they are prepared. Are considered harmful: smoking, frying, deep-frying. If you want to be healthy and beautiful, cook food for a couple (for example, in a slow cooker), bake or boil. You can occasionally use the grill.

Eat plant foods raw.

If you subject vegetables and fruits to heat treatment, some of the nutrients will be destroyed. However, do not leave seasoned vegetable salads the next day. Cook small portions at a time.

Nutritionist, sports nutritionist

If you have problems with the stomach, it is better to stew or bake. For example, in heat-treated tomatoes and apples, the concentration of acids is reduced, which is suitable for erosive gastritis and cholecystitis.

Weekly menu options

Each person has food preferences. Therefore, there are many examples of menus. We offer two diet options for the week: the first - balanced - for people who want to eat as healthy as possible; the second - diet - for athletes seeking to reduce body fat.

Diet for weight maintenance and health promotion

1 - breakfast, 2 - lunch, 3 - afternoon snack, 4 - dinner.

Monday :

  1. Oatmeal porridge, cheese and butter sandwich, tea.

  2. Vegetable soup, beef cutlet, green salad.
  3. Casserole of 2 eggs and cauliflower.
  4. Boiled chicken, baked vegetables.

Tuesday :

  1. Muesli with milk, apple.
  2. Vegetable soup, potato casserole with minced meat.

  3. Cottage cheese with raisins.
  4. Boiled chum salmon, vegetable and greens salad with oil.

Wednesday :

  1. Millet porridge, dried fruits.
  2. Chicken soup with vermicelli, pilaf with meat.
  3. Cottage cheese casserole with raisins and honey.

  4. Stuffed cabbage with minced meat.

Thursday :

  1. Fried eggs from 3 eggs, brown bread, pear.
  2. Chicken soup with noodles, goulash.
  3. Cottage cheese, a glass of kefir.
  4. Fish balls, cucumber and tomato salad with sour cream.

Friday :

  1. Barley porridge, cheese and butter sandwich, tea.
  2. Ear, pasta navy.
  3. Cottage cheese casserole with raisins.
  4. Baked red fish, stewed vegetables.

Saturday :

  1. Muesli with milk, pear.

  2. Ear, roast pork and potatoes in pots.
  3. Sweet cakes, tea.
  4. Baked chicken with spices, stewed vegetables.

Sunday :

  1. Fried eggs from 4 eggs, toasts with butter - 2 pieces, tea.
  2. Meat pie, tea.

  3. Cottage cheese, a glass of kefir.
  4. Pork patties, fresh vegetable salad with vegetable oil.

Nutritionist, sports nutritionist

We select whole grain bread. It has a lot of fiber, which reduces the glycemic index and saturates for a longer period.

Weekly nutrition plan for losing weight athletes

1 - breakfast, 2 - snack, 3 - lunch, 4 - snack, 5 - dinner.

Monday :

  1. Oatmeal in milk, green apple.
  2. A glass of kefir, a handful of dried fruits.
  3. Meat broth, boiled fish, green salad.
  4. Natural yogurt with slices of fresh fruit.
  5. Steam cutlets, stewed vegetables.

Tuesday :

  1. Two toasts with butter, protein of 2 boiled eggs, tea.
  2. Vegetable salad with sour cream.
  3. Pilaf with chicken.
  4. Cottage cheese casserole.
  5. Boiled chicken, stewed cauliflower.

Wednesday :

  1. Muesli with milk, pear.
  2. A handful of nuts.
  3. Boiled pink salmon, baked vegetables.
  4. A glass of kefir, a handful of dried fruits.
  5. Stuffed cabbage with minced meat.

Thursday :

  1. Fried eggs from 3 eggs (1 yolk), ham sandwich, tea.
  2. Fruit salad with yogurt.
  3. Vegetable soup, steamed pork cutlets, green salad.
  4. Cottage cheese.
  5. Vegetable and seafood salad with vegetable oil.

Friday :

  1. Omelette on milk, orange.
  2. A glass of natural yogurt.
  3. Beef goulash, vegetable stew.
  4. Kefir, banana.
  5. Baked red fish with broccoli and asparagus.

Saturday :

  1. Cheesecakes with raisins and sour cream, tea.
  2. A glass of milk, oatmeal cookies.
  3. Braised beef with rice, vegetable salad.
  4. Cottage cheese casserole.
  5. Braised liver, fresh vegetable salad with butter.

Sunday :

  1. Rice porridge with milk, toast with butter and cheese, kissel.
  2. Orange, apple.
  3. Durum wheat spaghetti, boiled cod.
  4. Cottage cheese, a glass of kefir.
  5. Boiled beef, stewed vegetables.

Nutritionist, sports nutritionist

Low-fat dairy products increase insulin. This hormone contributes to the accumulation of fluid in the adipocyte (fat cell) and prevents fat burning. Therefore, it is better to choose a milk of 3.2-5%. The fat component in this case acts as an inhibitor.

Tip: When you are on a diet, arrange yourself a small indulgence once a month: a slice of pizza, a favorite dessert, etc. So it will be easier for you to endure restrictions.

Harmful products

Now we’ll figure out which products you can refuse to speed up weight loss and improve well-being.Note that the list below is recommendatory in nature and is needed only for general reference. If, for example, you cannot imagine life without sweet coffee in the morning, replace sugar with a natural sweetener.

Or instead of burgers from fast food cafes, prepare delicious sandwiches at home.

  • Sweet carbonated drinks. These products contain colorants, flavors, preservatives that adversely affect the gastric mucosa. In addition, soda contains a huge amount of sugar.
  • Snacks (chips, crackers, french fries and others).

    These snacks are prepared in large amounts of fat, so all that the body can get are carcinogens, extra calories, excess fat and salt.

  • Fast food. At the heart of most dishes from fast-food restaurants are white bread, dubious meat and fatty sauces. And all this is flavored with a large number of flavor and salt enhancers. Naturally, with such a combination, there is no question of any benefit to the body.

  • Sausages. The chemical industry has long learned to give off substandard leftovers from meat production as a natural product. Therefore, most often you get grinded cartilage and skins under the guise of sausage or ham.
  • Mayonnaise. This sauce consists mainly of fats, vinegar and salt, which is bad for digestion.

  • "Quick" dinners - soups, mashed potatoes, noodles, which are enough to pour boiling water for readiness. Such food is not suitable for a healthy diet, as it contains low-quality components and a set of chemical additives.
  • Sugar, white flour products. We recommend gradually abandoning confectionery. The combination of sweet and flour enhances the negative effect on the figure.

  • Packaged juices. It is proved that such drinks practically do not contain the necessary vitamins and are essentially a sweet "water" with the aroma of fruit.
  • Alcohol. Alcohol, when abused, destroys the internal organs of a person. And the gastrointestinal tract and liver are the first to suffer.

    In addition, alcohol is very high-calorie, which is reflected in the figure. Scientists are allowed to drink a glass of good red wine at dinner, but not more often 1-2 times a month. And when working on fat burning alcohol is better to completely eliminate.

Nutritionist, sports nutritionist

Sugar from carbonated drinks is quickly absorbed by carbon dioxide . This adversely affects the work of the pancreas and contributes to the appearance of cellulite in the beautiful half of humanity.

In sausages, unscrupulous manufacturers use dehydrogenated vegetable fats, dyes and preservatives. This leads to the development of cholesterol plaques in the vessels and allergies, up to intoxication.

Alcohol consumption lowers testosterone levels in men, which increases the risk of infertility and impotence.Also, alcoholic beverages contribute to muscle catabolism in both sexes and increase subcutaneous fat due to hidden calories, reducing fat burning to zero. For comparison: 1 ml of alcohol - 7 calories, 1 ml of oil - 9 calories.

Be careful with muesli. On the one hand, it is a healthy product consisting of cereals and dried fruits. On the other hand, many manufacturers often add sugar and chocolate to the composition, which greatly increases the calorie content of the dish.

Useful tips

We have selected recommendations for you that will make it easier for you to comply with dietary restrictions and maintain good health:

  • Do not exhaust yourself hunger. Eat an apple or a few nuts.

    When losing weight, be careful with nut mixtures - in one handful of 350 calories - this is one meal.

  • Drink more water. Liquid helps to cope with hunger and removes unnecessary substances from the body.
  • Instead of soda, prepare freshly squeezed vegetable or fruit juice. But do not get carried away if you are losing weight.

    In fresh there is no fiber (cake), respectively, you drink pure sugar, and these are extra calories. One glass of orange fresh - 250 calories.

  • Replace coffee with green tea or chicory.
  • Eat varied. A diet consisting of chicken breasts and vegetables will quickly get bored.

  • Keep a diary where you will record the results in losing weight. Visual indicators will be an additional incentive.
  • Check the composition of products in the store. Avoid substitutes, preservatives, sweeteners, flavor enhancers.
  • Replace confectionery with honey and dried fruits (but not more than 30 g per day).

  • Do not be afraid of big expenses on a diet. You can make an inexpensive and affordable diet that fully meets the needs of the body.
  • Be creative. Cooking should not boil down to cooking alone. Try to make even the simplest dishes delicious and unusual.

  • Go in for sports, such as bodybuilding. You will have another reason to eat right. Choose workouts to your liking, you can not do for a long time that does not bring pleasure.
  • If you work in the office and you don’t have the opportunity to go home for lunch, bring a vegetable salad in a lunch box and a bottle of clean water with you.
  • Allow yourself to relax a bit during the holidays.

    Eat a slice of cake or your favorite pizza. You will not get better from this, but you will feel much better.

  • Drink a glass of cool water half an hour before meals. So you reduce the feeling of hunger.

It may seem that maintaining a healthy diet is extremely difficult.

Actually, it’s just a fear of something new. It is believed that, in order to succeed in any business, it is necessary to leave the zone of personal comfort and begin to act differently. So, you want to be healthy, beautiful, fit? All in your hands! Start eating right, soon you will notice amazing changes in life!



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