Proper nutrition is the key to excellent results

The main reason for a poor figure, excess weight is, of course, poor nutrition. There can be many reasons for this: a certain pace of life, because of which a person cannot sustain proper nutrition; the quality of food, namely the use of various semi-finished products, snacks, sweets; and finally, the lack of a nutrition plan, which leads to a variety of diseases and health problems.

It is advisable to divide the day into 5 meals:

  1. Breakfast: 7:00
  2. Breakfast No. 2: 10:00
  3. Lunch: 13 : 00
  4. Afternoon: 16:00
  5. Dinner: 19:00

Or another option if you wake up later:

  1. Breakfast: 10:00
  2. Lunch: 13: 00
  3. Lunch №2: 15:00
  4. Afternoon: 17:00
  5. Dinner: 20: 00

Try to distribute meals using the proposed options and following the rules:

  1. Between waking up and eating (breakfast) you need to pause at 1 o’clock.
  2. After waking up, drink 250 ml of boiled water, room temperature and still.

  3. There should be a pause of 2-3 hours between meals.
  4. Dinner should be done at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Proper nutrition is the key to excellent results

For weight loss

There are nutrition programs for weight loss, examples of which you can find below. Also, take the habit of keeping a diary in which you will write down everything you ate during the day. You need to record everything, from candy, to a normal meal.

This will help you more closely monitor your diet and everything you ate.

Introducing nutrition programs for people whose goal is to lose weight:

Option 1 consists of 6 meals distributed evenly throughout the day (Calories: 1867 kcal., proteins: 153 g., fats: 73 g., carbohydrates: 177 g.


  1. Omelet 165 g., cheese 30 g., bread 40 g.
  2. Bananas 150
  3. Vegetable salad 170 g, buckwheat porridge 167 g., grilled chicken breast 162 g.

  4. Apples 300g. walnut 30g.
  5. Vegetable stew 237g. boiled pink salmon 254g.
  6. Cottage cheese (1%) 250g.

Option 2 also includes 6 meals. Total energy value is: calories: 1831 kcal. , proteins: 173 g., fats: 41 g., carbohydrates: 198g.


  1. Milk oatmeal 158g.
  2. Carrot salad + apple 300g.
  3. Rice porridge 90g. , grilled beef 157g. , vegetable salad 150g.

  4. Omelet with mushrooms 379g.
  5. Green salad with tuna 250g.
  6. Kefir (1%) 300g.

Option 3 contains 7 meals. Energy value: calories: 1831 kcal.

, proteins: 173 g., fats: 41 g., carbohydrates: 198g.:

  1. Cottage cheese casserole 174g.
  2. Bread rolls 60g.

  3. Macaroni 104g. , boiled shrimp 264g.
  4. Fruit salad 315g.
  5. Grilled chicken breast 162g. , vegetable salad 200g.

  6. Kefir (1%) 300g.
  7. Boiled potatoes 200g.

Proper nutrition is the key to excellent results

Weight gain

Weight gain is mainly used by men, and athletes in sports such as powerlifting bodybuilding. The following program is aimed at gaining mass. Energy value: calories: 3235 kcal.

, proteins: 290 g., fats: 115 g., carbohydrates: 279 g.:

  1. Oatmeal porridge in water 473g. , linseed oil 35g.

    , egg 65g.

  2. 50g. protein, a mixture of nuts and dried fruits 50g.
  3. Boiled chicken breast 188g. , buckwheat porridge 167g.

    , vegetable salad 262g.

  4. Grilled chicken breast 162g. , rice porridge 200g. , vegetable salad 262g.
  5. 60g.

    protein, bananas 200g.

  6. Vegetable salad 145g. boiled pink salmon 204g. Buckwheat porridge 172g.
  7. Cottage cheese (5%) 200g.

Remember another important rule: drink plenty of water! Without water, it makes no sense to try to do anything. Water is the foundation.

Proper nutrition is the key to excellent results

Drying the body

Drying the body is a special program of nutrition and training, the purpose of which is to burn subcutaneous fat, without negative consequences for the body and muscle mass.

The program for drying the body for the male half, designed for 6 meals. Energy value: Calories: 2799 kcal.

, proteins: 302 g., fats: 89 g., carbohydrates: 204 g.:

  1. Egg white (4 pcs.) 150 gr.

    , cheese 30 gr. , bananas 80 gr. , oatmeal on the water 237 gr.

  2. Oatmeal on the water 237 gr. , linseed oil 1h.

    spoon, boiled chicken breast 188 gr. boiled broccoli 258 gr.

  3. Canned peas 100 gr. , boiled beef 150 gr. boiled broccoli 258 gr.

  4. Vegetable salad200 gr. soy sauce 1h. spoon, boiled shrimps264 gr. , pasta 104 gr.
  5. Cheese 30 gr.

    , white bread 30 gr. , tomatoes (2 pcs.) 120 gr. , boiled chicken breast 188 gr.

  6. Vegetable salad 262 gr.

    soy sauce (2 tbsp.) 25 gr. boiled pink salmon 204 gr.

Drying for the fair half - girls. It is 6 meals.

Energy value: calories: 1757 kcal. , proteins: 157 g., fats: 50 g., carbohydrates: 170 g.:

  1. 2 eggs 110g.

    , oatmeal in water 200g. , orange 150g. , cottage cheese (1%) 50g.

  2. Apple 100g. , yogurt (1.

    5%) 150g.

  3. Boiled chicken breast 188g. , rice porridge 120g. , salad 85g.
  4. Baked apples 300g.

    , yogurt (1.5%)

  5. Baked trout 255g. , vegetable salad 150g. , apple 100g.
  6. Cottage cheese (1%) 100g.

Proper nutrition is the key to excellent results

What can and should not be consumed in the morning?

Considering the peculiarities of the human body, try to choose the food that you will eat in the morning, since your health depends on it!

10 foods that CAN and should be consumed in the morning:

  1. Oatmeal . It envelops the gastric mucosa and protects it from the effects of acid in the stomach. It also contains fiber, which has the property of lowering cholesterol.

  2. Buckwheat porridge . Improves and stabilizes the digestive system.

    Buckwheat porridge is an excellent source of iron, protein and vitamins.

  3. Nuts . Eating nuts on an empty stomach - stabilization of the digestive system, normalization of acidity in the stomach.

  4. Honey . A serving of honey in the morning helps the body wake up, nourishes with energy.

    It has a positive effect on brain performance and increases the level of the hormone of joy.

  5. Eggs . A great option to have breakfast because they reduce calorie intake throughout the day.

  6. Watermelon . Will bring in the lacking amount of fluid.

    It also has a high content of lycopene, which improves vision and strengthens the heart.

  7. Corn porridge . It has the property of removing toxins, salts, heavy metals from the body. In addition, it stabilizes the composition of the intestinal microflora and gives the body a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

  8. Germinated wheat .

    2 tablespoons - 15% of the daily intake of vitamin E and 10% of the daily intake of folic acid. Helps in the morning the intestines begin their work.

  9. Blueberries . Daily use of blueberries in the morning has a positive effect on memory, blood pressure and metabolism.

  10. Whole grain bread .

    Carbohydrates and other beneficial substances found in bread. They are necessary for a person, and their most successful use is morning.

10 foods that are NOT or undesirable to eat in the morning:

  1. Butter baking . The walls of the stomach are irritated by the use of yeast in the morning. Gas formation increases.

  2. Sweets . Sugar increases the production of insulin, which entails a huge load on the pancreas, which is not included in the active work after sleep. This can cause diabetes.

  3. Bananas . Eating bananas that contain magnesium on an empty stomach is a bad idea.

    Magnesium is absorbed very quickly, which significantly increases the load on the heart.

  4. Spices . They cause irritation in the gastric mucosa and increase the secretion of gastric juice, which entails diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

  5. Yogurt and fermented milk products . When these products are used on an empty stomach, all lactic acid bacteria are killed by hydrochloric acid, so the benefits of such products are few.

  6. Pears . Pears have coarse fiber, which can harm the mucous membrane of an empty stomach.

  7. Tomatoes . The wealth of tomatoes is tannic acid, which causes increased acidity of the stomach, which can cause ulcers.

  8. Cucumbers .

    Cucumbers when taken on an empty stomach cause heartburn, gas and discomfort. The reason is its acid.

  9. Cold drinks, soda . If you do not want to harm the mucosa and impair blood circulation in the stomach, then do not take cold drinks and soda. After them, food is absorbed much harder.

  10. Citrus fruits . After eating citrus fruits on an empty stomach, heartburn appears, and there is the possibility of gastritis or an ulcer.



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