Proper nutrition delivery: how to choose the one that suits you

Service Name: Good Food Academy.

The program we tested: Premium 1,200 kcal.

Do individual wishes on the menu take into account: Yes.

Cost: Premium line - from 1 980 rubles per day.

Service level: 3,5 / 5.

Taste: 3,5 / 5.

Serving: 3/5.

Polina’s review: I always try to look for advantages in everything, but sometimes it is difficult to do so. This happened with Good Food Academy. I chose the Premium program.

It provides for food delivery every day, but they asked me if it is possible to bring food every two days - I agreed, this option suits me better. I asked to remove meat, poultry and eggs from the menu - they did it too. On this, the main pluses ended. It all started with the fact that the first batch of food was delivered at the wrong time (at 6 pm instead of 7-9 in the morning). Yes, the guys apologized, they said they mixed up time.

Well, it happens, but the sediment remains. The next time they arrived at 7:30 in the morning, as agreed (the courier wished a good morning and a good day - thanks). But they forgot to put one of the dishes in the second batch of food (they indicated it on the attached printed menu). Calorie content is already so small, but here it is still cut. I understand that employees stack food, they could not notice, forget, confuse, the human factor can never be ruled out, but still, customers pay money to be fed on time and fully.

As for the serving - I did not like the big black plastic containers, the food filled them only half, and sometimes by a third. In addition, do not put forks, spoons and napkins. A dish was attached to the dishes, on which the list of dishes for the day was indicated, their BZHU, calorie content and instructions on how often to eat, how much water to drink and other information - this, of course, is good and right. But the sequence of dishes was a little incomprehensible to me: first there was breakfast, then a dish with fish (apparently lunch, where's a snack?), Then juice (here is a snack?), Then salad (another snack?) And at the end of the dish with fish or seafood (obviously dinner - they didn’t sign it).

It is also difficult to call a varied menu - every day there was fish or seafood (prepared in the simplest way) + some cereals (bulgur, couscous, white rice) + salad + freshly squeezed orange juice.

In general, no frills (after all, from the Premium program you expect something more). Only breakfast pleased - chia seeds in coconut milk with grated berries and rice porridge with fresh berries. That really was good. The taste of the dishes: I will lie if I say that the food was disgusting and nasty. She was ordinary, I did not feel much pleasure and pleasure when she ate.

But it’s still important for me to receive this pleasure. I know that I can cook tastier (I have no doubt that many of our readers too). I was not impressed by the amount of vegetables that went as a side dish to the main dishes. I list what was in the dish called "vegetable salad": three cubes (cm per cm) of tomato, four cubes of cucumber, four cubes of pepper, and 10-15 pieces of lettuce. For me, as a person who eats vegetables every day and puts one tomato (minimum), one cucumber and one (or half) pepper and a lot of greens in one serving of salad, such a "vegetable salad" caused only bewilderment.

I also did not like the fact that the final calorie content of some days was achieved due to sauces. I explain: Caesar salad was twice on the menu (one with shrimp, the other with salmon). The serving size is small - no more than 100-150 grams. The calorie content of a serving is large - at least 300 calories. Sauce gave half (if not more) of these calories (quite a lot of sauce for such a small portion).

I am not a nutritionist, but it seems to me that it is better to increase a serving (albeit by 20-50 grams) than to eat these sauces. Well, before ordering a diet for 1,200 calories, you need to think carefully - I remained hungry, as I do fitness 3-5 times a week. Do not make my mistakes. Bottom line: perhaps the service should review the menu and change the serving of dishes. I sincerely wish them good luck and success.



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