Prime Cafe Network celebrates 15th anniversary

Prime is a new generation of fast food. Dishes are prepared manually from natural ingredients in a kitchen factory in Moscow. All dishes are stored for no more than 24 hours and are delivered fresh every day. Prime does not add colorings, preservatives or flavor enhancers to its dishes.

The Prime menu includes salads, sandwiches, soups, side dishes, desserts, breakfast dishes, pastries, hot and cold drinks.

Any meal is easy to take with you thanks to its convenient packaging.

The cozy atmosphere of the cafe contributes to friendly and business meetings over a cup of coffee. In all cafes, you can charge appliances and use free Wi-Fi.

The company was the first among the catering chains to begin developing food sharing. Today 13 cafes on an ongoing basis help five charitable foundations and donate products to volunteers every day.

From February to August 2019, about 14,146 tons of food were transferred.

59 Prime Cafes send used eco-dishes for recycling to EcoLine. The flagship on Myasnitskaya Street has containers for sorting garbage.

In 2020, Prime plans to open 30 new cafes and will continue to support social and environmental initiatives.



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