Press on the parallel bars - exercises for abdominal muscles

Is it possible to pump up the press on the uneven bars? Definitely yes. Because the bars allow you to load both the lower abdomen and the upper. When performing exercises on the uneven bars, difficulties may arise associated with the physical preparation of the students. This is where we start. Those who already feel confident on the uneven bars can immediately proceed to the exercise options, bypassing the next section.

Preparing the body for work on the bars

Those who were in the gym or visited sports grounds saw how the relief guys performed various exercises on the horizontal bars and uneven bars. From the outside, all these movements seem easy and simple.

Press on the parallel bars - exercises for abdominal muscles

Not everyone tried to repeat this himself. Watching is always easier than doing. Just try to stand on straight arms on the uneven bars for a while (starting position).

And this is the first difficulty - your hands may not be ready to hold the body in this position. Simply put, your hands will bend, your hands hurt, you can slip off the bars and fall.

The initial position on the uneven bars for almost any exercise is to stand on straight arms. At this time, the body hangs in the air, and there is no support under the feet.

For a person weighing up to 65-75 kg it is not as difficult as for heavier people.

Imagine if the owner of a beer belly, whose weight is over 90 kg, and his hands are not prepared for physical exertion, can stand in the starting position. If you have enough weight - you can see for yourself.

Before you try to pump the press with the help of bars, push up from the floor at different angles, strengthen your arms and prepare the joints. We do not recommend untrained people immediately go to the shell.

However, if you are very brave and purposeful, decided, despite our warnings, to hang on the uneven bars and pump up the press there, the following recommendations are for you:

  1. Get back to the original position (on parallel bars on straight arms), press your elbows to your chest.

    Before you pump something up, you need to find out how much you can hang like that. It takes about 10 seconds. If this is your limit, gradually increase it to 60 seconds.

  2. Try to squeeze out - first bend your arms slightly. If this is your limit, over time you will need to learn how to push up.

    If you can already push out with full amplitude at least a couple of times - good. At this point, you can begin to exercise.

Now let's find out how to pump the press using the bars.

Options for pumping the press on the bars

The following are the most popular and effective exercises with which you can work out the abdominal muscles on our chosen projectile.

Walk on the uneven bars

Starting position - stand on the uneven bars on straight arms.

We bend a little forward, slightly lower our head:

  1. Raise one knee just above the bars.
  2. At the moment when it is halfway back, we begin to raise the second knee.
  3. It turns out that we imitate a step with a high knee lift on the uneven bars.

We do this exercise 10-15 times on each leg. This is the best option for those who still have not enough strong press, but who can already do something on the uneven bars.

Raising the legs on the uneven bars

This is a classic exercise in the abs. You can perform it in several ways:

  • on straight arms;
  • put your elbows on the uneven bars.

The second option may leave bruises on the elbows. It is better to perform it on special soft bars in the gym. The grip of the bars is not the same as with push-ups.

Make sure that your hands do not slip.

Press on the parallel bars - exercises for abdominal muscles

Consider the technique of the first type of exercise:

  1. We get to the starting position in straight arms. We tilt our head and chest slightly forward so that there is no buildup.
  2. Raise the legs just above the level of the bars or to the very chest. If you raise your legs just above the parallel - basically the lower press works.

    When you pull your knees to your chest, your pelvis will begin to follow your legs. In this case, the load is distributed on the upper part of the press. For convenience, we recommend raising the knees with the pelvis to the chest or chin.

  3. We do 10-15 repetitions in three approaches (or in two, if there are still exercises on the abdominal muscles).

If you lift straight or slightly bent legs, your center of gravity will shift and your body will begin to swing.

It is not comfortable. But you can try lifting and straight legs.

When it becomes easy for you to do this type of exercise, fasten the weights on your feet. Work with them to pump up your abdominal muscles even more. Accelerating to 30, 50 or more repetitions makes sense only if you need tremendous stamina (for acrobats, climbers, etc.

). In those cases when you want to pump up the mass of the press, 10-15 repetitions in the approach are enough.

When you perform this type of exercise with the elbows on the uneven bars, you drastically reduce the risk of swinging the body back and forth. On the one hand, it’s more convenient to swing the press, on the other hand it can be painful for the hands.

Acrobatics for the press on the bars

Raising the legs can be performed more effectively if:

  • At the moment when the legs are above the bars, spread them apart.

    You can do this several times.

  • You can straighten up parallel to the ground, remaining face up. In this case, you will stand with your elbows on the uneven bars.

Roman chair

Bars - these are 2 adjacent pipes. So, they can be used as a Roman chair.

Here you can swing both the back and the upper press. Exactly what we need:

  1. We sit on one of the pipes. We fix the legs on the second. The focus is usually on the lower legs. It is advisable to gain a foothold in the ankle.

    It is very good if you have a high sneaker: all the pressure of the pipe will go only to him, and not to the leg.

  2. We remove our hands behind our heads or clutch them in a lock on our chest.
  3. Please note that the first pipe on which you were sitting should be located just below the buttocks. This is necessary so that you do not stack between the bars and do not fall down.
  4. We deviate down to the parallel with the earth.

    It makes no sense to go down below - we are not pulling the press, but pumping it. It is advisable for beginners to round their backs if you cannot painlessly perform an exercise with a straight back. The main thing is not to bend in the lower back.

  5. We do 2-3 sets of 15 times.

Press on the parallel bars - exercises for abdominal muscles

By the way, if your back hurts, you should first strengthen the abs with lighter exercises.

Do not forget about hyperextension for back muscles.

Recommendations when pumping the press in the hanging on the bars

What else can be taken into account to pump the press faster and safer:

  1. To keep your hands from slipping, you can take on the sports pad box with magnesia. An even better option is special athletic gloves with open fingers. They will help you avoid the formation of corns on your hands. As you know, corns are unpleasant things that prevent you from doing it.

  2. If you practice in the winter, wear warmer gloves. The main thing is that their coating does not slip on the crossbar.
  3. Weighting shoes can be used as weighting agents. In winter, it is very convenient - warm and heavy.
  4. If you started to swing, try to lean forward even more.

    You can’t lift your legs at a time when your body is swinging back and forth. Inertia will make repetition easier by helping the muscles lift their legs.

  5. Do not swing the press on high bars. Fall high.

If you use the bars as a Roman chair - wrap them with clothes so as not to leave bruises on your feet or wear high sneakers.

This type of exercise can be painful for the legs.


When you should not download the press using the bars:

  1. If you have a lot of weight and you have never tried to get on the bars with this weight . Other exercises will help you pump up the press, and you don’t need to injure your hands.
  2. For pain in the wrists or elbows. No need to go through the pain - this is arthrosis, or something else.

    Just make it worse. If elastic bandages do not save you, first heal. It also happens that your joints are not designed for such exercises with exactly that weight. Some beginner gymnasts are leaving because of this from big sport. They face a choice: either spend their whole lives on pain medications, ending with prosthetics of the joints, or choose another sport option suitable for their body.

  3. If you can’t squeeze out. First of all, you should pump up your hands, and then move on to more labor-intensive techniques.

Press on the parallel bars - exercises for abdominal muscles

Successful training for you!



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