Pokras Lampas: “To remain independent, it is important to be an artist who is aware of what is happening around”

- I was born and raised in Korolev, lived there for about 20 years, graduated from high school, and from there went to college. I was lucky to be born in the suburbs, and in a city that is associated with science.

I rode a lot on trains, thanks to this I got into a graffiti environment. The railroad fence is the most popular area for drawing. At what age I started drawing, I don’t remember exactly.

But in 2008, I was already actively drawing and understanding what graffiti is and how it develops.

There were a lot of graffiti that inspired me. At the railway tracks they are painted over every 2-3 months, then new ones appear. When you drive away from Moscow - they paint less often there - you can see old works. Already in 2003-2005, the guys did cool work, experimented with typeface and painting.

- Parents did not always know what I was doing. This information reached them in fragments. They knew that I went to draw something. But it was impossible to control me.

Graffiti is a team art form.

One of the goals of graffiti is to be everywhere in the city. At some point, even the most active graffiti artist understood that one person was not able to take up so much space. Therefore, everyone united in teams, tried to overtake each other, to do more, more original, more dirty. I also participated in this, but when I found my style, it became more interesting for me to develop on my own. So more control over everything.

All my life I just write. All areas of activity that I have ever been involved in are related to letters, texts, calligraphy. Graffiti is including the art of how difficult, unreadable to write words. Graphic design, tattoo are also associated with fonts. Then I simply evolved: experience was layered, an understanding of the environment.

So I came to the conclusion that I became more involved in art than design. He began to do original work on canvas, look for some kind of exhibition, create large murals in an urban environment.

In order to remain independent, it is important to be an artist who is aware of what is happening around, analyzes it correctly, interprets and understands how to act - to do the projects that you want, and not those that customers want from you and viewers.

At some point, I decided not to spray on small projects and not engage in craft. If I chose to work for myself and not earn anything, but at the same time I would definitely understand that I was doing what I thought was right, or undertaking all the part-time jobs, but not doing what I believe in, I would choose the first.

My projects require a lot of time, effort, resources. What will be the concept, promise, format, technology. Large roof paintings are months of preparation. Even the selection of paint: you can’t buy a large can of cheap water-based paint in a hardware store and go with it to such a surface, because the temperatures in winter and summer are different.

Many who come to art feel great in the conceptual part, but they have no experience in creating complex projects.

Therefore, I began to do things that for many seemed impossible, and this helped in my career. I painted the largest roof in Rome, the roof on Red October, made a large rooftop painting for the 21st Triennial in Grenchen in Switzerland. Roofs are one of the most important projects for me. If I take up something, I always try to make a big story out of it.

- You always need to think about the future.

And in the present, it’s right to make decisions so that later such projects as you want appear.

Combining projects is very difficult. In general, there are two things to be reconciled with. First: the more you devote yourself to art, the less you can devote yourself to something else. This applies to recreation, personal life, leisure.

It’s normal for me that I don’t go to the cinema to films, even to the most interesting ones, simply because I don’t have time for this. There is no time to relax, no time to think about something else. Second: it is important to understand that it is difficult to be everywhere alone, you need to form a strong team. Starting from photo and video shooting, ending with management. When all processes are established, the artist has more time for creativity.

As an artist, it’s too early for me to do a retrospective of my work. I talk a lot with people, see young guys and understand that many have questions that often have no answers. For example, how to find yourself in creativity, how to be inspired, where to start. Therefore, I decided to make an exhibition about the artist’s life - as it is - to help people find answers (from September 6 to 27 in the New Manege in Moscow opened a personal exhibition "Pokras Lampas / Life / one artist. Admission is free.

" - Note.ed. ). I really live in this space: I sleep, relax, write, work, meet people. I open myself to 21 days for any viewer.

Admission is free, you can come here every day and practically live with me.

There is a space in which you can communicate with me, there is a zone where contact is observation. I show off my work, the viewer sees the tools, how I write and make markings on the canvas, I discover some secret things that it’s customary not to show in your work so that other colleagues will not immediately copy you. If a person respects his time and sees that I am free, then we can talk, if I write a canvas, I will not allow me to be distracted from this. I am always open to new people for filming, new projects, but I can say: "Stop, this is my life, my work.


For quite some time now I have come across the fact that they are copying me. For myself, I realized that it is impossible to be at the point where you are leading, and at the same time not be the person whom someone wants to copy. And not only in the framework of self-education, but also in the framework of building a career.

I honestly explain to people that if they copy my style and my approach, this is the way to nowhere. No one knows how this style will be treated in the future.

And you can’t change the style in a year. Therefore, those who begin to copy right away without their own projects rarely rarely create something copyrighted.

I constantly tell everyone that we need to look for people. For example, look for artists with whom you will develop. Search for people from related areas with common values: photography, types of print, types of projects, poems, music.

You must always look for something new for yourself and the industry, then it will be positively accepted without any marketing investments. Because it is good, fresh and made in a new way.



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