Plie squats with a dumbbell or other weight - technique

The strange and incomprehensible word "plie" came to us from the ballet. There it meant "bending the leg." Moreover, the feet are maximally turned to the sides, which is why such a movement for training the legs was called squeezing plie.

Why so squat?

The most valuable advantage of squeezing plie with weight is pumping your buttocks and inner thigh. Moreover, by varying the depth of the squat, you can use more buttocks, or quadriceps legs.

This is true for girls who want to pump up their buttocks, without especially increasing the massiveness of their legs. How to achieve both that and that - we will tell a bit later.

Plie squats with a dumbbell or other weight - technique

Who has already been to the gym knows how girls work on the problematic inner thigh - in the simulator for mixing and breeding legs. So, plie needs to be done before that. This is the main exercise for local study of the inner thigh.

Then you should sit in the simulator. Exercise is designed for dumbbells or pancakes.

Preparation for exercise

Have you seen girls in the gym who, with legs spread wide and holding a dumbbell above the floor, squatted? This is the plie. Whoever has not seen - be patient, everything will be described in detail in the "execution technique" section.

  1. Stretching is the most important thing in squeezing plie.

    The fact is that you will not be able to properly expand your knees, crouch deep enough if your ligaments are not ready for such an amplitude of motion. Therefore, we will further analyze what and how to pull so that the technique is close to ideal.

  2. Clothing. Separate conversation about pants. They should not constrain your movements.

    You need to choose clothes in which you can sit on the twine. Not sitting down yet? Everything is ahead, do not worry.

  3. Shoes should be firm and with firm soles. If you have a boot, you can put it on.

Features of stretching before squats

To perform the exercise correctly, you need to stretch the ligaments of the legs and lower back.

We pull the loin in the classical way - we get the floor with our hands on straight legs. Here's another good way to stretch your lower back: sitting on the floor. Details in a special article on stretching the back.

Stretching the legs is best done on the Swedish wall. Go up to her and put your foot as high as you can.

Straighten your leg. Make slopes in different directions, pull the bundles. Fix the body in those positions where you experience subtle pain. There is no need to go further.

Sit on the longitudinal and transverse splits.

Also, one of the main ways of stretching in this case is sitting on the floor, spreading your knees to the sides, reaching them to the floor. Press hands from above until the knees touch the floor.

Plie squats with a dumbbell or other weight - technique

Technique of exercise

The most important thing is to learn to sit down properly. We start the workout with the minimum weight that is in your gym or at home. Let it be a dumbbell weighing 1 kg, which can be conveniently grabbed by hand.

  1. We take a dumbbell with both hands so as to hold it by one of the edges. The dumbbell should hang freely perpendicular to the floor, its neck passes between the fingers.
  2. We put our legs apart with our socks, as if you were a ballerina. Only they put their legs almost together, and you place them a little wider than your shoulders. Turn your socks as far as possible.

    The stronger the socks are deployed, the greater the load on the inner thigh. In particular, the position of the feet is different from the sumo (in the sumo, the socks unfold about 45 degrees).

  3. We straighten the back, we move the pelvis back a bit, creating a natural deflection in the lower back.
  4. We look a little up (usually they suggest looking at the line between the ceiling and the wall that is opposite you).
  5. We begin to lower the pelvis down.

    The knees are looking where the feet are (that's why we warned that a good stretch would be needed). Squat to the maximum - below the parallel to the floor. Do not talk dumbbells back and forth!

  6. After reaching the bottom point, we begin to get up. We fall on the inhale, rise on the exhale. It is important that the movements are smooth.

  7. Our legs are not fully bent! You need to maintain muscle tension throughout the exercise.
  8. Weight is always kept perpendicular to the floor between the legs.

The technique of the exercise is not the most difficult, but a lot of mistakes are made.

Errors and how to avoid them

Do you bend forward a lot? This happens when you squat with a barbell on your back, because you are afraid to fall. In this case, you are also afraid to fall.

What to do: put the bench behind so that you can sit on it when moving down. This will give you confidence, and you will remember how to move. Then remove the bench and try to sit down below.

Other errors:

  • Knees "walk" from side to side. This is observed when you do not have enough stretching or with a weak ligamentous apparatus of the knees.

    Or you have not spread your feet enough and are trying to turn your knees even further. The way out is stretching, and the coordinated work of the knees and feet.

  • Look at the floor. You just need to keep your head straight, or slightly up.
  • A dumbbell in your hands dangles between your legs because you strain your arms too much (at first it goes forward, and when your arms get tired - back).

    Remember, gravity works for you, it evens out the weight perpendicular to the floor. Let Mother Earth do it for you.

  • If you did not get wide enough, then your knees may go beyond the stop line. In a squat, this is not recommended.
  • Your legs are fully extended at the top.

    This is not recommended, as muscle relaxation occurs, but the effectiveness of the exercise decreases. Watch the position of the legs - they should be bent (slightly to maintain tension).

  • Shallow squat. The meaning of the exercise is lost when you perform the exercise with a small amplitude. In this case, you use only the front and outer thighs and pump only them.

    And for this there are special exercises, for example, front squat. The inside begins to work when you fall below the parallel to the floor.

  • This is not the deadlift of the sumo, so you need to work with your legs, not your lower back. Pay attention to this!

Useful tips

Squat in front of the mirror. You must see yourself.

It is clear that the side is seen better. Believe me, looking at yourself in the mirror, you can also see many errors and correct them.

And also:

  1. Do not chase the scales. The inner thighs are easily injured and heal for a long time. Always warm up with a light weight before moving on to a working weight.

  2. Instead of a dumbbell, you can use a pancake. The only negative, it is not as convenient to hold in your hands as a dumbbell. But here there is a way out - attach it to a special belt for burdening. Thus, you can significantly increase your working weights, completely freeing your hands. But you will need to do it on platforms (read about it below).

  3. If your knees hurt, you can try using elastic bandages. In some cases, this does not help, as the squats are deep, and at some point the pain can still be. Be guided by your well-being. If you notice a tendency to increase pain, do not argue with the body - work on a simulator to reduce your legs.
  4. If during the squat you feel a slight pain in the inner thigh - immediately stop doing the exercise! Work through pain will lead to injury.

    While you are warming up, the pain is not so strong and you will not understand how much the muscle has been damaged. We recommend that you do not do any exercise that you experience this pain for several days. Then try again, but rather consult a doctor.

Exercise options

If you want to maximize your buttocks, you need to do a deep squat. Standing on the floor is simply impossible to achieve.

The weight will rest on the floor before you reach the lowest point in the exercise.

There is a variant of plie squats on the platforms. Their height is different. If you have a good stretch, then you can safely squat on such platforms.

Technique :

  1. Place the platforms so that the legs are stable on them in your original position.

  2. You can use a dumbbell, but even better - a belt with the possibility of burdening with pancakes. This option is more likely for men with good training. You can hang both 45 and 60 kg (yes, men also do this exercise as an addition to normal squats).
  3. We begin to slowly descend to the maximum possible point. We monitor the knees so that they do not go to the sides and do not jump out over the edge of the foot.

  4. At the lower point, you can linger for 1-2 seconds. We come back. We don’t stop at the top - we’ve just reached, we’ll immediately go down. Perform the desired number of repetitions.

If there is no platform, take large pancakes and lay them on top of each other.

So you can set the desired height, reduce or increase it if necessary.

Use 2 adjacent benches. This option is suitable for low-budget rooms. At home, take two low stools or chairs (just be sure to make sure they are stable).

What will happen if you squat only this way

Definitely, you will strengthen the inner and front thighs, buttocks.

You may get a slight increase in muscle mass. Remember, for muscles to grow, they need to be given a stress load. And the plie option is not designed for such weights. Therefore, this exercise cannot be called basic in the literal sense.

Even the perfect execution technique will not give you muscle growth, this is a myth, remember! Only classics combined with progressive loads will give you volumes.

This is important for those who want to pump something up (buttocks, for example), and not just tighten their muscles and tone everything up.

It is recommended to perform this exercise in combination with squatting with a barbell and breeding-mixing legs in the simulator.



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